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EA working with Apple on new tablet device

Publisher rumoured to be making games for Apple's creation

EA is currently working on games for Apple's upcoming tablet device, according to reports.

The publisher is said to have been enlisted by Apple to create games in order to show off the tablet's gaming capabilities.

Apple has also embarked on discussions with book, newspaper and magazine publishers, according to the Wall Street Journal, talking to Conde Nast Publications and News Corp, among others, on how they can work together.

The iPhone creator's next device is expected to be showcased to the media on January 27. An invitation 'to see our latest creation' was sent out on Monday, according to the WSJ.

Insiders have stated the device will have a 10-11 inch touch screen, and that its primary functions will be as an e-reader, internet browsing device and TV and games player.

Analysts say its success will depend on a number of factors, such as price - which some believe will be around the $1000 mark.

Consumers will need to be convinced the device is necessary alongside a laptop, they point out, while there will also be stiff competition from e-book readers such as the Kindle.

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