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Drawn to Death will be taken offline in March 2019

Closure of the game follows the closure of its developer, David Jaffe's The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

Drawn to Death will be taken offline on March 25, 2019, effectively making the game unplayable.

Those still playing Drawn to Death are being greeted with a message announcing the termination of online support. As indicated in this post on Resetera, the game's multiplayer modes and online features will stop working in March next year.

However, due to an internet connection being mandatory to play the game at all, Drawn to Death will no longer function from that date.

Far from being a surprise, the end of Drawn to Death has been very likely since the start of this year, when its developer, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, laid off the majority of its staff. One month later, the studio shut altogether.

David Jaffe, the studio's co-founder, attributed its closure to the cancellation of its next project.

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