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Cevat Yerli to keynote GC Asia Conference

Crytek boss to follow up on his packed graphics keynote in Leipzig

Crytek's president and CEO, Cevat Yerli, has been confirmed as one of the keynote speakers for this year's Games Convention Asia Conference.

He'll be following up his very well-attended keynote talk at the Games Convention Developer Conference in Leipzig on "The Future of Gaming Graphics."

"The technology available today is light years ahead of what was generally available just five years ago," he said. "Add those advancements to increasing technical expertise as we learn more about graphically creating immersive worlds, and the conditions are right to have graphics play a major role in telling the story of a game."

And conference director Frank Sliwka added: "Cevat Yerli and Crytek are not only major names in Germany, but also the global videogame market. His keynote will be one of the highlights of the conference and I'm confident he'll inspire the audience to view graphics as an element that is finally capable of telling stories on the level of cinema."

GCAC will take place alongside Games Convention Asia on September 18-20 at the Suntec International Convention Centre, and Yerli joins Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon on the list of keynotes - with more announcements set to follow in the coming weeks.

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