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Capcom's Inaba and Minami head to Leipzig

Following on from yesterday's news that Konami is to bring MGS creator Hideo Kojima and PES director Shingo Takatsuka to the Game Convention 2005 show in Leipzig next month, Capcom has also announced two high-profile guests for the show.

Clover Studio general manager Atsushi Inaba, whose previous credits include Viewtiful Joe and Tekki / Steel Battalion, will appear to promote his new PS2 action adventure game, the hugely stylish Okami.

He will be joined by Capcom veteran Tatsuya Minami, who is currently head of the firm's Production Studio 1 division and vice chairman of the R&D department.

Minami, who has worked in the past on the Breath of Fire and Resident Evil franchises, will be presenting two new titles - Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Beatdown - Fists of Vengeance, both on PS2 and Xbox.

Game Convention 05 runs from August 17th to 21st in Leipzig, Germany.

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