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Blitz: We'll beat Hollywood to 3D TV

UK developer intends to work with TV manufacturers at retail to showcase capabilities of 3D TV

UK developer Blitz Game is confident it can be first to showcase the power of 3D TV by beating Hollywood to deliver its games on the format well before blockbuster movies arrive.

While the movie business stumbles over digital format issues, Blitz intends to deliver home console gaming in 3D, and the studio plans to team with TV manufacturers to reach early adopting consumers.

“We're going to try and beat them, it's a race,” said chief technical officer, Andrew Oliver, in an exclusive interview published today. “We'll get our games out before the movies.”

“I first saw proper high-definition through the Xbox, because there wasn't Sky HD and services like that. I think the same will happen again, it's like with 3D TVs, people are going to experience their first content via games.

“Film company's think they're going to be getting their films out but format wars will delay them. And we'll be there on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,” he added.

The developer is working with Namco on XBLA and PSN title Invincible Tiger, but also hopes to work with TV manufactuerers to show off the unique 3D capabilities of the hardware and software at retail.

“Because of the marketing and sales of 3D TVs, it could be that we cut some deal with a TV manufacturer so that when you buy the TV you're given the game. That seems to make so much more sense,” said Oliver. The full interview, in which Oliver discusses the challenges of creating 3D games and why it's important for the studio to establish a lead in the 3D market, can be read here.

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