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Blitz Games supports National Diploma in Computer Games Development (Advanced)

Midlands, UK-based developer Blitz Games is working closely with Sutton Coldfield College to help offer students the new BTEC National Diploma in Computer Games Development (Advanced) from this September.

The Diploma helps teach students a range of skills that will assist in general games development, system analysis and design, communications technology and software development. According to the organisers, "Students will then have the skills to either carry on to higher education or seek employment in this dynamic industry."

Blitz Games' CEO and co-founder Philip Oliver said the team was "really pleased" to work with the local college. "Many still looks on games as a small industry or 'not a real job' when it is a growth entertainment business that has already overtaken Cinema box office worldwide.

"It is a the new entertainment medium and we're proud to be at the forefront of the market creating exciting, creative jobs for many people in the midlands."

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