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<b>E3 2004:</b> Blitz takes Possession with unique horror title

British independent developer Blitz Games is bringing a highly unusual new title with it to E3 this year - named Possession, it is a game which turns the survival horror genre on its head by giving players the ability to control the zombies in the game.

The title, which also features a unique online multiplayer system which pitches one player in third-person mode against multiple players in first person mode, is described as an "ambitious mix of strategy and all-out gore splattered action".

Blitz is planning to raise awareness of the title at E3 with a "You Have Been Possessed" campaign, and is actively seeking a publisher for the project - with company CTO Andrew Oliver stating that several high profile publishers are already pursuing further information about the game.

This is the first original IP we've seen from Blitz for some time; the output of the studio recently has focused mainly on licensed properties, most notably Bad Boys II for Empire and Fairly Oddparents for THQ - for which the studio won a technology award.

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