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BBFC: Industry shouldn't forget we're pro-games

The censors' director, David Cooke, complains that people forget the BBFC is a pro-games institution

BBFC's director, David Cooke, has appealed to the games industry by saying it is a pro-games institution.

Speaking exclusively to, Cooke said the BBFC's games examiners are "passionate" about games. He went on to complain how the debate over its role in rating videogames has misrepresented its opinions of the medium.

"The point I want to get across about this is - I've got people in this building, about ten examiners who do games, and these are some of the best gamers I've ever come across and these are people who are passionate about games and know a great deal about it," Cooke explained.

"I know the Pegi testers as well, and I think the people here have a greater expertise and knowledge of games."

"The thing that's getting lost in this argument is that we actually like games and we're enthusiastic about games and we do buy into the argument that some games are beautiful and aesthetically satisfying. Bioshock and Shadow of the Colossus and so on," he added.

The full interview with BBFC's director, David Cooke, can be read here.

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