Pillars of Eternity II director on Obsidian's shift from studio-for-hire to building its own IP

Working on your own IP is "less about the freedom and more about the institutional knowledge to understand what the IP is"

By Haydn Taylor

Why Nintendo Switch needs to find a new model of discovery

The family-friendly platform must learn from Steam's cautionary tale

By Graham Smith

Smartphone success boosts Square Enix after a quiet nine months on consoles

Online titles Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X boost sales and subscriber numbers

By Ben Parfitt

Jump in physical game sales can't save Sega from sales and income drops

Games success not enough to overcome slumping arcade and smartphone performance

By Ben Parfitt

Layoffs at Capcom Vancouver

30% of studio laid off as Dead Rising developer reportedly sees one project cancelled, another has scope reduced

By Brendan Sinclair

Gamevil and Com2us merge in the US

Mobile companies combine to focus efforts in North America

By James Batchelor

When the brands come marching in

Outplay Entertaiment CEO Douglas Hare explains why the studio got into branded games with Angry Birds Pop, and why that isn't the only way forward in mobile

By Brendan Sinclair

Etermax reveal plans to open European studio

Animated TV show based on developer's flagship title Trivia Crack also in the works for 2018 release

By Haydn Taylor

Capcom's hunt for a global audience

Monster Hunter was perhaps the best example of a “big in Japan” game - until Capcom's persistence and confidence finally paid off this week

By Rob Fahey

Jobs lost as Nexon America restructures

But publisher insists there's no significant impact to overall workforce, layoffs unrelated to struggling Lawbreakers

By James Batchelor

Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed again

Rockstar pushes Western sequel's release back from spring window to October 26 as Take-Two reiterates guidance for the coming fiscal year

By Brendan Sinclair

The Myth of Metacritocracy

10 Years Ago This Month: EA learns a costly lesson about striving for excellence and Take-Two tells it to take a hike

By Brendan Sinclair reverses decision on Opus Magnum release

Acclaimed puzzler now available from digital store, despite earlier rejection

EA stock reaches all-time high ahead of Battlefront II loot box return

Company's stock rose 7%, peaking at $131 following recent financial results

By James Batchelor

Gigantic servers shutting down in July, developer Motiga confirms

Developer “unable to find an impactful solution that would help Gigantic break through in a crowded market”

By Haydn Taylor

Microsoft responds to indie retail backlash over Xbox Game Pass

Platform holder "pleasantly surprised" by store demand, considering broadening its distribution plans

By James Batchelor

Nintendo Switch Online service will launch in September

Switch owners will continue to play online for free until that date

Nintendo will release a Mario Kart mobile game by March 2019

Mario Kart Tour will launch in the next financial year, the publisher said today

By Matthew Handrahan

Microsoft gaming business up 8%

Xbox One X launch drives year-over-year revenue growth for the holiday quarter

By Brendan Sinclair

Coffee Stain to acquire Gone North Games

Goat Simulator publisher strikes a deal for majority share in Swedish studio behind Goat Z and Waste of Space expansions

By Brendan Sinclair

Rockfish Games: Building success, piece by piece

CEO Michael Schade on using digital platforms to take Everspace from publisher rejection to an audience of hundreds of thousands

By Matthew Handrahan

"We want Battalion 1944 to change the shooter genre - even if it fails and dies"

Bulkhead Interactive's Joe Brammer on how an indie-developed FPS can stand toe-to-toe with Call of Duty

By James Batchelor

Scotland now home to more than 4,000 games staff

Local industry grew by 27 per cent last year, with almost 100 companies based within the nation

By James Batchelor

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