IGDA highlights diversity, talent retention issues

Developer group backs off crunch, saying it wants to address wider spectrum of issues identified in latest survey

By Brendan Sinclair

Operation Apex: Teaching conservation through virtual reality

UK developer Curiscope tells us how it uses VR to convey the wonders of the ocean - and how we're ruining them

By James Batchelor

WHO: "There is increasing and well-documented evidence of gaming disorder"

Recent listing is "only a clinical description" for diagnoses, not prevention or treatment

By James Batchelor

Why Insomniac blew up the moon

Ryan Schneider explains how the Ratchet & Clank studio is trying to re-shape an already established and effective brand

By Brendan Sinclair

Rebellion buys Radiant Worlds

Sniper Elite developer picks up UK studio for undisclosed sum

By Christopher Dring

App Store generates almost $900 million in seven days

Pokémon GO amongst the big Christmas success stories

By Christopher Dring

Have you seen these studios?

10 Years Ago This Month: Did Turtle Rock, Big Huge Games, and Illusion Softworks really survive their acquisitions? Also, Blu-ray puts the final nails in HD DVD's coffin

By Brendan Sinclair

Star Citizen developers raised $34.9m in 2017

For the second year in a row, Star Citizen crowd-sourced more money than all games on Kickstarter combined

By Haydn Taylor

Could movie shorts provide a template for funding indie games?

The Chinese Room's Andrew Crawshaw ponders the potential for experimental tie-ins around AAA blockbusters

By Andrew Crawshaw

Epic clampdown on real-world guns and copyright-infringing game assets

Engine provider conducting thorough audit of Unreal Marketplace for trademark abuse

By James Batchelor

Wands VR developer raises $2.48m

Cortopia receives significant cash injection

By Christopher Dring

Apple acquires mobile dev company BuddyBuild

Vancouver-based creators of "single, seamless" app development platform will now make tools for iOS

Platinum Games self-publishing two smaller, fully-owned IPs

Developer considers model similar to Ninja Theory's independent-AAA

By Haydn Taylor

Getting Over It creator on getting over clone games

Bennett Foddy says entire medium "founded on borrowing and remixing design elements," better to not act like successful games are 100% novel

By Brendan Sinclair

Falling under Siege's spell

Why I Love: Raconteur Games' Nicholas Laborde takes aim at the many virtues of the latest entry in the Rainbow Six series

By Nicholas Laborde

Sumo Digital takes over CCP Newcastle studio

Eve Valkyrie team rescued by growing UK developer

By James Batchelor

Nexon merges NDoors and Nexon Red

Mobile studios behind Legion of Heroes and Alliance x Empire become one as Korean publisher aims to "better coordinate development"

TIGA CEO Richard Wilson receives OBE in New Years Honours list

DeepMind researcher Demis Hassabis, techUK boss Jacqueline de Rojas and Blippar co-founder Jessica Butcher also awarded

By Christopher Dring

Game of the Year 2017

The GI team picks their favourites, surprises and disappointments from 2017, and grants its top honour to Nintendo for creating an instant classic

By GamesIndustry Staff

Rocket League surpasses 38 million players

2017 is "best year yet" but there is still work to be done, says developer

By Haydn Taylor

2017: Celebrating the bright spots

It may not have been a superb year overall, but expectations were defied and challenges overcome with creativity and passion in 2017

By Rob Fahey

How stable are Dwarf Fortress' foundations?

15 years deep in development on the seminal fantasy simulation, Tarn Adams talks about the realities of fan-supported development

By Brendan Sinclair presents... The Year In Numbers 2017

We present everything you need to know about the global market value, the biggest platforms, the hottest games and more

By James Batchelor

Jobs Roundup: Ustwo names new global CEO

Elsewhere, Riot hires Wargaming esports boss, Craig Fletcher leaves Multiplay and Interior Night welcomes Sony devs

By James Batchelor

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