Dota 2 card game "the first of several games" coming from Valve

Gabe Newell's company now has "ability to develop hardware and software simultaneously"

By Matthew Handrahan

Aftershock SF re-emerges as Fogbank Entertainment

FoxNext studio is headed up by Daniel Erickson and Nathan Germick, focusing on developing episodic narrative games

By Brendan Sinclair

How Brass Tactics makes VR real-time strategy accessible to core and casual gamers

Hidden Path CEO Jeff Pobst shares learnings from the design decisions behind the Oculus-published tabletop battler

By James Batchelor

V2 Games' Future Fund invests in WWE Champions dev Kung Fu Factory

Free-to-play studio is the first beneficiary of $10m fund to drive innovation in games

By James Batchelor

BitGuild announces blockchain platform for online games

"The implications of having a true gaming network built on the blockchain are nearly limitless," says CEO

By Haydn Taylor

Here's how the games industry is honouring International Women's Day

We round up all the events and other activities video games firms are hosting to celebrate women everywhere

By James Batchelor

PopCap co-founder forms new tabletop firm

Jason Kapalka teams up with Eagle Games founder to create Forbidden Games

By James Batchelor

Unlocking the secrets of a successful licensed game

Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund explores why Warhammer: Vermintide succeeds where other licensed games fail

By Haydn Taylor

Streamline Studios: "In five to ten years you will need to be in SE Asia"

CEO Alex Fernandez on the co-development firm's resurgence since relocating to Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia's emergence as the focal point for SE Asia

By Matthew Handrahan

The Podcast: Following Florence

We discuss the impact of Mountains' debut title and the potential to expand gaming's remit

By James Batchelor

The quiet need for Chinese indie games

Spotlightor Interactive founder Gao Ming on the fight for originality within a developing games scene

By Gao Ming

Ubisoft's sharing imperative

The hows and whys of the publisher's internal Ubisoft Developers Conference

By Brendan Sinclair

Buy One Get One Free on EGX Rezzed screens for Unreal developers

Titles in the 'Powered by Unreal Engine' zone will be eligible to have their exhibition space doubled, courtesy of Epic

By GamesIndustry Staff

Unreal Fest Europe to debut in Berlin next month

Engine provider's conference to be part of German city's official games week, Tim Sweeney to deliver keynote

By James Batchelor

UK enjoys record-breaking year with 5.11bn spent on video games in 2017

Valuation by trade body UKIE shows digital games market exceeded 1.5bn for the first time ever

By James Batchelor

PlayStation to undergo worldwide organisational reshuffle this April

New CEO John Kodera takes responsibility for Americas, Japan and Asia, while deputy president Jim Ryan handles Europe

By James Batchelor

Six things you need to know about Messenger Games

Chatterbox Games' Adam Telfer explains the challenges and opportunities offered by platforms like Facebook Instant Games

By Adam Telfer

Space Ape teams with London universities on free games masterclasses

Six-session course will cover game design, community engagement and more, classes will also be livestreamed

By James Batchelor

Weza Interactive's mission to become Africa's success story

Kenyan developer George Ahere on how local culture inspired debut title Mzito and his plans to raise the continent's profile in the global games market

By James Batchelor

Crytek's Cevat Yerli steps down

CEO and president abdicates roles to serve as a "strategic shareholder"; Avni and Faruk Yerli appointed as joint CEOs

By Brendan Sinclair

David Jaffe's The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency closes down

Closure follows major round of layoffs due to the Drawn to Death developer's next project being cancelled

By Matthew Handrahan

Facebook launches #SheTalksGames initiative to promote women in video games

Women In Gaming Stories is designed to encourage more women into the games business, and into leadership roles

By Christopher Dring

Hellblade's simple twist of fate

Why I Love: Caledonia's Nels Anderson sees Senua reflected in the doomed gods of her Viking enemies

By Nels Anderson

Space Ape: Chasing a genre-defining hit

Product owner Nick Mansdorf discusses the London-based studio's mission to break into the big leagues

By Haydn Taylor

Rebellion trademark clash compels Ballistic Interactive to change game name

Upcoming RPG Hellhunter will now be released as HellSign, Sherdians lawyer warns indies to check trademarks

By James Batchelor

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