Trash Panic

Eco-puzzler announced on what's apparently Earth Day.

April 21st 2009 is Earth Day, a day when people put their heads together to think about the issues facing the planet and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is challenging gamers to get to grips with rubbish with the announcement of Trash Panic for PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) a new, downloadable puzzle game that challenges players to stop a virtual environment being swamped by an ever-flowing tide of rubbish.

A game that takes the puzzle genre and gives it an environmental twist, Trash Panic challenges players to dispose of the rubbish by arranging it strategically in a giant rubbish crate before it overflows. Players have to think quickly, dropping heavy rubbish on crushable items to compact it or placing biodegradables together so that they rot meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking and the tide of rubbish keeps advancing.

Its fast, furious and socially responsible what more could you want on Earth Day? Available exclusively for PS3 as a download from PlayStationNetwork, Trash Panic will be released later this spring.


For more information, please contact your local PR manager.

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