It's a "brutal environment" for indies, says Ninja Theory

Nina Kristensen talks about the difficulty of working as an independent studio in the games industry today

UK developer Ninja Theory has told that the current environment in the games industry is "brutal" for independent studios.

Last year saw a rash of independent developers being bought up by large publishers, while a number of other publisher studios have recently been forced to close down.

"It's a brutal environment out there for an independent, particularly considering the size of the games that we're developing," explained Nina Kristensen, the co-founder and chief developer at Ninja Theory.

"But we've now signed up the new game and the future looks pretty rosy for us," she added.

Ninja Theory, who developed the PlayStation 3 exclusive title Heavenly Sword and worked closely with Andy Serkis of King Kong and Lord of the Rings fame for that title's cinematics, revealed that its new game will be for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Yes, our new game is going to be PS3 and Xbox 360," Kristensen told "We have actually signed it but we're not announcing to who at the moment."

The full interview with Nina Kristensen is available here.

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