Disney splits game focus for Marvel tie-ins

Marvel games priority for HD consoles and Disney titles for Wii/DS

Disney is to publish fewer titles for "high-end systems" in the future, as it focuses on the Wii and Nintendo DS, according to comments made by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

As reported by website ComputerWorld, Iger was asked how the company's approach to the video games market compared to its position in 2007 and the formation of Disney Interactive Studios.

"Disney-branded games seem to perform better on the Wii and DS platforms," answered Iger.

"While we'll continue to make high-end games," he added. "We'll be very judicious in how many we make and which ones we choose."

Despite seeming to downplay the importance of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases, Iger identified racing game Split/Second as a key title for 2010, along with Wii exclusive Epic Mickey and movie adaptations Tron Legacy and Toy Story 3.

Instead of Disney tie-ins the company's recent acquisition of Marvel Entertainment seems set to become more of a priority for the HD formats. "We have some interesting opportunities with Marvel." said Iger.

"That's a brand we think would do extremely well on higher-end consoles," he said.

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Latest comments (3)

Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 11 years ago
I think that's a smart move indeed. Good for Disney. However it could be bad news for Nintendo as that further cements Wii as a casual and kid console which will eventually lead to a bigger exodus of core gamers from that console. And the more dangerous situation is that there are only that many games casual gamers will buy so the rest of the sales will be depending on how many games parents will buy for their kids.
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University11 years ago
At this point, I think most hard core player was kick out some time a go by Nintendo at this point.
I not got a good game for my wii in a long time that I turn off it power.
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Shiraj Coenraad IT Audit Consultant, Woolworths Pty Ltd (South Africa)11 years ago
Most hard core gamers would most likely anyways have a wii as a second console to the xbox360 or ps3. Ive hardly touched my wii in a while even for wii fit, but do bring it out for kiddie parties, mario and sonic olympic sessions etc. It is a smart move from Disney as it can focus Marvels more mature portfolio on the xbox 360 or ps3 and tackle the many millions of casual owners of the wii...i think epic mickey is gonna sell like crazy on the Wii if it plays easily for all skill levels.
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