Bethesda pencils in new Elder Scrolls title for 2010

Fallout 3 publisher will continue to focus on titles for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

Fallout 3 publisher Bethesda has indicated that the next title in the hugely popular Elder Scrolls series will be released in 2010.

Paul Oughton, publishing executive for Bethesda, also said that although the market for the Wii and DS has opened up more varied publishing opportunities, the company doesn't have any current plans to release titles for Nintendo consoles.

"At the moment we've got Fallout 3 for this year and potentially there's a new Elder Scrolls title in 2010," said Oughton. "At the moment we're not that interested in the Wii. We're going to stick to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We'll continue to pursue three or four titles a year and go for big titles," he said of the company's publishing plans for the future.

Oughton acknowledged that Nintendo has done a great job of expanding the games market to a mass audience, but he also expects that it will soon reach saturation point.

"We've seen games selling in the past 18 months that we never thought we'd see. We wouldn't have thought that pet games and cooking games would have a viable market five years ago. No publisher would have taken those products on," he said.

"But Nintendo bought new products in with vast amounts of marketing money to launch these into the minds of the consumer and made a market for them. Every other publisher then very quickly developed DS and Wii products and we're getting to saturation now."

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Latest comments (23)

Viktor Asberg11 years ago
I want a new Elderscrolls game!!!
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Andrew Clayton Executive Editor, Side Story Games11 years ago
In 2010? Wow, that's serious business. Here's hoping it has modding capabilities. Bethseda's been great about that, and it's paid off for them big time. Smart move staying away from Nintendo for now. Maybe once the Wii settles down a bit.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
Well they do have a Wii title in development still, don't they? I was hoping an Elder Scrolls title would be on the table for it.

I'm actually surprised they've taken this long to announce a new ES title.
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D B11 years ago
Cant you read! No its not comeing out for the Wii! Jimmy Webb your stupid.
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Daniel Green11 years ago
D B cant you spell, its coming, not comeing, coming
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Nic Burnham11 years ago
I really can't wait, Oblivion was crazy! Bethesda really do come out with some solid games. I haven't heard anything about a Wii game from Bethesda yet though.
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Coan Yammel Studying video game design, Pennsylvania State University11 years ago
There wont be a wii game for elder scrolls. that would be really lame. jimmy webb cant read also
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Jeremy Morgan Game Tester and Reviewer 11 years ago
I loved Elder Scrolls V Oblivion. It was a really great game but i think now with all the latest technology they have avaliable they could make this new title much much bigger and better for the community.
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Neil Hobbs Concept Designer 11 years ago
@daniel green : this is a forum for discussing elder scrolls 5, not a English lesson... give the guy a break!

I hope if they do elder scrolls 5 they will have multi-player (system link/on-line) and allow players to meet up anywhere and to jump in at any time.
also i hope for the magic system to be enhanced to allow any type of item to be enchanted with any spell (eg: i wanted a sword that glowed, constant effect. but that wasn't possible. I also wanted gloves/gauntlets that caused damage on strike like a sword would)
Another enhancement i'd like to see is the magic system to allow for standard use (pick a spell and cast it) or a new form using the headset for voice recognition. so you could pick a spell and give it a "voice" command and so when needed you could say the command and the spell would be cast. (this would i think bring a huge amount of fun and as long as you kept your head in battle you could cast spells like they should be cast)

two last things would be staffs, in oblivion there was only one staff you could enchant as part of the mage guild quest, i'd like more staffs to be used as wizard staffs or weapons.
and dual wielding. and blocking with either hand.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
@ DB and Coan Yammel.

Please keep a respectful tone on this site. If you wish to trash talk, take it to NeoGAF.

Now if you wish to respond to me with facts regarding Bethesda's development plans, I'm all ears.
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Brian Luciano Studying Game Art and Design, Westwood College11 years ago
@Neil Hobbs. I agree TOTALLY on the multi-player and the headset ideas. G4 did an interview with some of the guys at bethesda and the wording they used regarding the new game was (in a nutshell)..."of course there will be another game" and then "It won't necessarily be Elder Scrolls V, but there will be another game". I hope this means there will be some changes to overall play-style. I would love to be able to jump into the TES universe in a new interesting way, and let the classics remain classics (Oblivion has to be a hard act to follow).
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Neil Hobbs Concept Designer 11 years ago
@ Brian Luciano . as long as its the same world that would be cool (though if they took what they did with elderscrolls4 and made a "dragonlance" game....) another thing i'd like is forging: as in creating you own swords etc... maybe an actual design part for the character creation bit (but also during the game too) that way you could design (a non magical) weapon or armour which you could name and it would be something for you to hold on to instead of getting rid of at the first opportunity for a "more powerful" one.
also i would like to see enemies like goblins/trolls etc... not level up... ore perhaps have them level up like the pc... example: you fight a goblin and it is killing you so you run away... but during the fight you gain skill in block. but it gains skill in blade. then while you are else where the gobin may attack other things and win thus increasing its level/skill.
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Gustavo Fernandez11 years ago
wow cant wait its alrdy 2010 hopfully it come's out this summer or sometime during winter
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Damen Rockford Studying Art and Design, MARA University of Technology11 years ago
its on the planning and no blueprint of it is released; so they had done nothing yet ? i need some info to get excited.. but this news, only news!! wont turn me on... if it is released i like to see something like more sexier skin because the male and female stock body looks shucks and i have to download it from elsewhere. Or body development perhaps more strength or vitality means more buff/boobs? hahah.Selectable feat like other than vampires, such as werewolf,souls, undead, blessed,demon and etc should be introduced.I hope there should be more types of magic like special ones but not forgetting custom stock magic too. mixing or more elements or status effects perhaps? The shirts or armor should be variety and sexy because my character looks like nerds in armor.Shoulder pads/cloak or belts should be separated, can give more mix and match design to players.I do appreciate the types of ranks and design art of the icons of each rank or abilities; and i hope they continue with their good work. I LOVE ES!!
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Brian Luciano Studying Game Art and Design, Westwood College11 years ago
@Damen Rockford.
It sounds as though you haven't played Morrowind (or at least enough of it). ES3 you can be either vampire or werewolf. You also have roughly twice as many spells (mark, recall, levitate, and a few others).
Anyways, I think oblivion did a fantastic job with character creation. When ES4 came out, it set the standard for high character customization. Now, it's just another game that you can change your appearance. I would like to see the clothing come back. In Morrowind, you had separate pauldrons, gauntlets, you could wear a robe over your armor, you could wear belts, pants, skirts, etc. It was awesome. I loved the clothing set-up in Morrowind.
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Kaleb Shively doctor 11 years ago
I hope they bring back the teleport option from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. and also more flexible spells that can do multiple things. And for the heck of it leave floating paint brushes. lolz
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 11 years ago
I'm not sure people realise that this news story was from 20 months ago, and there clearly isn't going to be a new Elder Scrolls this year. I would expect late 2011 at the absolute soonest for a new proper instalment.
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Jake Griffin11 years ago
Yea, I really hope it has modding capabilities also. But I would like to see it having those capabilities on the Xbox and the PS3 also...
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Tamas Pifko living 11 years ago
Lets See how far the tech has come in the past 4 years
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Nicholas Brockman Games/Level Designers 11 years ago
This title really excites me, Oblivion was and is a really huge game, i just hope that ESV is as big and exciting as Oblivion!!!!!
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Doug Cross11 years ago
I could have sworn I had read somewhere that there was not going to be a elder scrolls game... then again I was waiting a while for civilization V and found much claiming that civ IV was going to be the last one in that series, and look now... Civ V released in September.

Also should note no mention of the Elderscrolls V at this year's E3. So i suspect no TES V untill at least 2012, nothing on the official oblivion site either. Disappointed with the fact I didn't find anything about that "secret" that they were supposedly going to announce on during E3 according to some sources.

So I'd really like some real links say to a official interview from a reliable source.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Doug Cross on 5th November 2010 4:38am

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 11 years ago
I bet it's actually a 2011/2012 release, as people DO screw up the year once in a while in conversation. Hell, I'm STILL playing New Vegas and I can't see Bethsoft dropping another big RPG before the end of this year...

Unless it's that PSP Elder Scrolls game that was a big rumor a while back... ha ha.
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