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Kristan Reed,

Kristan is a former editor of Eurogamer, dad, Stone Roses bore and Norwich City supporter who sometimes mutters optimistically about Team Silent getting back together.

Recent articles by Kristan Reed

Sega legend Yu Suzuki departs

"He's kind of his own man right now," says Simon Jeffery

By Kristan Reed

360 consoles outselling PS3 since GTA IV launch

Despite 360 hardware sales boost, Sony's console is still ahead this year according to Chart-Track

By Kristan Reed

Wii Fit in stock "as soon as possible"

"We're doing everything we can" says Nintendo, following the title's plummet down the UK chart

By Kristan Reed

Club Nintendo: sign up again by July 15 or lose Star points

Club Nintendo fans in Europe have been told this week that they risk losing their entire stock of Nintendo 'Stars' if they don't agree to new privacy terms.

By Kristan Reed

SEGA signs new deal with Bizarre Creations

Sega has announced that it has signed a partnership with Bizarre Creations to "create a next generation franchise".

By Kristan Reed

Allard defends 360 decisions in online chat

Xbox chief forced onto the defensive in front of an online audience

By Kristan Reed

Resident Evil 4 due on PS2 in Europe on November 4th

Capcom's hugely successful GameCube survival horror title, Resident Evil 4, is coming to the PS2 somewhat sooner than initially anticipated, with both the US and European releases now confirmed for a pre-Christmas release.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Madagascar Not Out at the top

It was a good first innings for Codemasters this week as Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 batted its way up to the top of the Xbox chart in the UK, but Activision's film licensed Madagascar held on to the All-Format top spot.

By Kristan Reed

Sony slashes trade prices for PS2 Platinum titles

The trade price of the Platinum range of PlayStation 2 games has been officially cut, Sony Computer Entertainment UK has confirmed, laying the ground for major discounts on budget titles this summer.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Silver Medal for European Assault

EA's latest World War II shooter for consoles has failed to dislodge Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas from the top of the UK chart despite strong sales.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Star Wars maintains grip

Activision and Eidos's respective Star Wars titles held firm in the top two spots on the UK chart this week, despite a strong showing from THQ's latest wrestler.

By Kristan Reed

Nintendo DS smashes first weekend sales records

The Nintendo DS got off to a flying start last weekend in the UK, becoming the fastest-selling console ever with sales topping some 87,000 units in the first two says at retail, according to Chart-Track data released this morning.

By Kristan Reed

New GBA hardware may emerge at E3 - analyst report

A third version of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance may be shown off at this year's E3, according to a report from American Technology Research analyst P.J. McNealy, with an "SP" style revision of the existing hardware on the cards.

By Kristan Reed

High street price war kicks off

GAME has dropped the price of chart titles to £29.99, with other retailers set to follow, in what could be the first round of a major price war.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Need for Speed Underground 2 makes it straight eight

Need For Speed Underground 2 maintained a vice-like grip on the UK's number one spot in this week's sales chart, as Electronic Arts' street racing title shook off all comers for an eighth straight week.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Need For Speed Underground 2 grabs Christmas No.1

Electronic Arts' Need for Speed Underground sequel has gone one better than its predecessor, which finished 2003 at number two, and clinched the Christmas top spot.

By Kristan Reed

UK Charts: Need For Speed sequel maintains its lead

Electronic Arts maintains its grip on the top of the UK chart, while Activision's Call of Duty console game enters at number five.

By Kristan Reed

San Andreas smashes UK first week sales records

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has comprehensively smashed the all-time UK sales record for a videogame's first weekend, selling an estimated 677,000 units according to UK research body Chart-Track.

By Kristan Reed

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