Alan Wen,

Alan is a freelance writer and critic with an unabashed love of Japanese games and RPGs, despite having less time for them. He will also find any excuse to get all blue skies about Sega.

Recent articles by Alan Wen

How to get a job as a game UX designer

The Academy explores the routes into an essential but often misunderstood field in the games industry: UX design

By Alan Wen

Unpacking foley design in video games

From indie to AAA, we explore how sound designers immerse players in worlds with authentic sounds.

By Alan Wen

How Solar Ash took Heart Machine out of its comfort zone

Alx Preston on the challenge of transitioning from 2D to 3D development and tips for small teams making a large scale open-world platformer

By Alan Wen

Building a better Minecraft - and a better world | GI Live Online

Franchise boss Helen Chiang explains how "evil Microsoft" retained the game's indie spirit and aids conservation efforts

By Alan Wen

How invention and innovation has been the driving force for Guha Bala | GI Live Online

The co-founder of Vicarious Visions and Velan Studios charts a career driven by entrepreneurism

By Alan Wen

How IO Interactive realised its full vision for Hitman's World of Assassination trilogy | GI Live Online

CEO Hakan Abrak discusses surviving the split from Square Enix and the journey to full ownership and self-publishing

By Alan Wen

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