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Alec Meer,

A 10-year veteran of scribbling about video games, Alec primarily writes for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, but given any opportunity he will escape his keyboard and mouse ghetto to write about any and all formats.

Recent articles by Alec Meer

Learning To Fly

Disney's Jeff Jones on making Club Penguin a secret success

By Alec Meer

London Calling

Future Games of London talks stats, the value of a promotional network and publisher strangleholds

By Alec Meer

Star Trek Online going free to play

Cryptic's new owner Perfect World moving away from subs for Paramount-branded MMO

By Alec Meer

70,000 visitors for latest PAX Prime

Seattle-based Penny Arcade games show sees its biggest year ever

By Alec Meer

Team Bondi enters administration

Insolvency looms for LA Noire developer following Rockstar split

By Alec Meer

Take-Two QA "wage abuse" case seeking more plaintiffs

Tester alleges sub-minimum wage payments and excessive hours

By Alec Meer

PSN, Qriocity move under new 'Sony Entertainment Network' umbrella

Hirai announces "comprehensive global platform" for Sony download services

By Alec Meer

Stainless Steel

The rise and fall and rise again of Carmageddon studio Stainless Games

By Alec Meer

Southpeak's 7Sixty

The VPs of Southpeak's digital spin-off discuss how to make a mark in an increasingly aggressive market

By Alec Meer

Mode 7's Paul Taylor

The Frozen Synapse developer on alternative funding, the long tail and giving away free games

By Alec Meer

Preloaded's Phil Stuart

The creative director on maintaining an indie spirit, education and a multiplatform future

By Alec Meer

The Right to Remain Silent

Straandloooper blabs about developing niche games with Telltale

By Alec Meer

E3 2011: The conservative convention

What did E3's familiar names and few surprises say about the future of the console business?

By Alec Meer

THQ on Wii U controller: "We thought of it 18 months ago"

Publisher "well poised to exploit" drawing mechanics due to uDraw experience

By Alec Meer

Activision: Mobile is "a double-edged sword"

iOS COD unlikely as "We don't want to spread our roulette chips around the table" - Hirshberg

By Alec Meer

$7m investment for Telltale

Healthy series C funding following deals for Back to the Future, Jurassic Park IPs

By Alec Meer

Nintendo baffled by share price slide

Iwata feels 10% drop "very strange," but analysts appear divided on Wii U

By Alec Meer

Venue change on the cards for E3

E3 2011 draws 47000 visitors, but building work may force new premises in 2013

By Alec Meer

Hirai: Hacking threatens "the very fabric of society"

SCE boss claims online security requires govt assistance and legislation

By Alec Meer

EA prepping new iOS versions of Battlefield, FIFA, Madden

Publisher working on 2012 mobile editions of major franchises

By Alec Meer

First post-release new 3DS SKU unveiled

Nintendo releasing red version of handheld in July

By Alec Meer

PSVita likely to be region-free

Sony VP suggests no per-territory locking for new handheld

By Alec Meer

Capcom sells Devil May Cry movie rights to Sony subsidiary

Screen Gems hopes to repeat Resident Evil's $580m box office

By Alec Meer

Sony and Apple planning Wii U-style control concepts

IOS5 and Vita experimenting with two-screen games

By Alec Meer

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