115 developers unite for new charity games bundle offering cheap $2 bundles, with all money going to charity

Video games retailer is selling bundles of up to 151 indie games starting from $2.

Named 'The Good Bundle' the collection includes titles such as Gone Home (FullBright), Catalateral Damage (Chris Chung), Metamorphabet (Vectorpark), Read Only Memories (Midboss), Sokobond (Draknek), Proteus (Twisted Tree), Four Sided Fantasy (Serenity Forge), A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (Draknek), Depression Quest (The Quinnspiracy) and Subterrarium (slimefriend).

To get all 151, the cost will be $20, while $8 offers up 125 of the titles and $2 will net gamers 89 games.

All proceeds will be split between two charities, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

The bundle is available now and will run until November 29th.

According to the website. "This is a bunch of creators who are sharing their works to combat some of the ugliness in our world."

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