Creative Assembly Game Jam to return to EGX Rezzed

Teams of five will follow in the footsteps of Spilt Milk's Tango Fiesta at the Career Fair in April

The Creative Assembly Game Jam will return for the fourth consecutive year at EGX Rezzed next month.

The event will be part of the Career Fair, a forum where educators, recruiters and employers can meet the next wave of industry talent. Encouraging creativity is part of that overall goal, and ideas conceived at the Creative Assembly Game Jam have gone on to reach the market as commercial products - most notably Spilt Milk's Tango Fiesta, which was forged in the crucible of EGX Rezzed 2013 and published two years later.

Participating teams should consist of five members (18+), all of whom should have some experience of making games. Individual applicants will be placed in a team. The product of a day of collaboration on April 8 will then be submitted to and reviewed by a panel of industry professionals on April 9. That process will be the subject of a Developer Session at the Career Fair, which will be livestreamed on the EGX Rezzed YouTube channel.

"Creative Assembly is focussed on providing great opportunities to engage with game developers and ensure that nurturing the talent of tomorrow is a priority," said Tim Heaton, studio director at Total War developer Creative Assembly, in a statement.

"Over the last four years, the GameJam has enabled developers to work together to create some outstanding results and I have no doubt that this year will generate yet more exciting projects and highlight some of the top talent on the UK development scene."

Those interested in applying for the Creative Assembly Game Jam can find more details here.

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