Making Xbox One Number One

Microsoft can win the next-gen console war, and here are some strategies it might use

The battle for the title of "number one selling next-gen console" has already begun, and Microsoft faces a huge challenge from Sony. Yes, both companies can be successful with new consoles even without being the sales leader in either the US or worldwide. But there's always bragging rights to consider, and game company employees tend to be more competitive than most. We're going to see companies keeping score over the number of consoles sold this holiday season, and telling the world about it.

Both Sony and Microsoft are, of course, already well into their strategies for success. Both companies have finalized the engineering of their consoles and are in manufacturing right now. Game development has been under way for years, and the development schedule is pretty much set for the next year or so. Marketing plans have been drawn up, materials created, and marketing is already rolling out. Given all of that, what can Microsoft do over the next year to improve the Xbox One's chance to be the number one console?

Here are some strategic ideas that Microsoft could implement over the next year in order to boost the numbers of Xbox One consoles getting into the hands of consumers. While some of these ideas might be difficult or unlikely, keep in mind that Microsoft has already displayed unusual speed and flexibility this year in changing policy for the Xbox One on more than one occasion.

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Latest comments (9)

I think this article is to one sided. lets have a comparative strategy analysis of how each console can win the bragging rights
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Renaud Charpentier Game Director, The Creative Assembly4 years ago
"Making Xbox number One"... Really? That must be the 3rd or 4th article in a couple of month than smells like badly disguised Microsoft PR. To balance out I am still waiting for articles titled "How Sony can dominate next gen" or "Will the Xbox One manage to cope with weaker hardware" or "Can PS4 be produced fast enough to meet demand". But so far they don't come, it's just this and "X1 outselling PS4 3 to 1 (in a "marginal" reseller) etc etc... more nuance and neutrality, please.
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Robin Clarke Producer, AppyNation Ltd4 years ago
Whatever incentive is being offered for cross-posting these "[a]list" articles, it isn't worth it. Utter drivel.
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I seriously serious worry GI is being less impartial over the past year, instead of reporting the news and offering critical analysis that made once a great amazing place
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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee4 years ago
An article about how either PS4 or Xbox One could potentially become number one is a valid thing to post about and analyse. It doesn't necessarily have to be an analysis of both products in one article and I would say this for any product in or out of the industry.

In any case, whilst I have no special wish for the console's number one success, I think it could be, if the highlighted factors are satisfied but I'd say a number of others too. My criticism of the article is that it doesn't cover enough key success criteria.

For example, the war for the best TV/Film/Multimedia offering is very much valid and will be a turning point for a number of consumers, when consoles are starting to dominate usage of popular services. And the growth of such services is incredible right now. The platform seems to have an advantage there, so it would be up to Microsoft to make that work.

Independent development and relative openness could also be a huge factor, then there are areas such as convergence with the Microsoft ecosystem, Windows Phone and Windows 8, which I think could be a major differentiating factor between Xbox and other platforms.

I don't see the biggest part of the war being price and advertising personally. Future of Digital Distribution is a little bit more complex and Kinect isn't quite as important at this stage in my opinion and I'm not sure if it will be.
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Caleb Hale Journalist 4 years ago
Since Xbox One is missing the kind of public good will afforded to the PlayStation 4, it stands to reason the marketers would focus on the former. I'm not sure it's great PR that industry websites are publishing articles essentially listing how the Xbox One could do better. I don't subscribe to the theory all publicity is good publicity, and I'm not sure Microsoft could even argue that point successfully now, given what the public's attention to Xbox One has done for its prospects so far this year.
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James Prendergast Research Chemist 4 years ago
Here are some strategic ideas that Microsoft could implement over the next year in order to boost the numbers of Xbox One consoles getting into the hands of consumers.

Usually, with link-through articles, at least some of the pertinent content is quoted in the article in question. There is none here.

With regards some of the other comments above, I can't really say for certain that "quality" has declined... but certainly the "feel" of the output here on GI has changed since the merger - not that it's unexpected or a completely "bad" thing.
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It "feels" like the Edge/The times merged with the Sun/DailyMail/Star.....
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Christian Slater DevilBliss Games Consultancy 4 years ago
"Embrace advertising"? Weurgh!
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