Words on Play: Episode 5 - Social Collapse?

Zynga's woes and what they mean for social and mobile gaming

For their fifth episode the Words on Play team discuss Zynga's recent troubles, and what this tells us about the state of facebook and mobile gaming. They then share some useful software and tools that make a game developer's life easy for little or no cost as well as telling Iain he should back up his game's source code.

Words on Play is a podcast by a group of independent game developers, where we chat about industry issues, development and, of course, games. Our aim is to bring a developer perspective to the topics that interest you and let you peer into the minds of some of the UK's most talented developers (once we drag them into guesting on the show). Whether you're a student looking to get into the industry, a fellow developer or just a gamer with a dull commute to fill, Words on Play is for you.

This episode features an all technical cast: new podcaster Edd Smith, co-founder and technical director of Origami blue; Iain Gilfeather, co-founder and technical director of Fat Pebble and Rob Sienkiewicz and Rowen Holt, co-founders of Second Impact Games.

Download it here, or listen in the flashplayer below.

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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 5 years ago
It doesn't seem to be up on the RSS feed yet, and as usual, you've neglected to include a link to the RSS feed. Why not make life easy for Android BeyondPod users, and probably many others?
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I find articles or discussed threads from the past 24 hours buried under a avalanche of new or random articles and it can be a bit frustrating to scroll all the way to the bottom to see if there were any new topics/discussions.

Maybe if there was a way to personalize news via - save article/ pin article to one's personal news feed, this would really help keep track
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Tony Johns5 years ago
Social and mobile gaming is a bubble that while good when things are all well and good, what happens if nobody pays for downloads and they all play the free trial versions?

And what would happen if the cheaper mobile games business goes downhill due to casual consumers who don't really care much for the game companies don't put in their support for the games they download?

I would hate to put all my eggs in the basket of mobile games, I would rather expand my eggs into the console games but making it cheaper and then still keep the mobile business in case if one fails, the other takes more important.
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