GTA IV ships more than 22 million units

Grand Theft Auto series passes 114m, Midnight Club franchise 18.5m

Rockstar and Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto IV has shipped more than 22 million units since release in April 2008, according to company chairman Strauss Zelnick.

Speaking at the ThinkEquity Annual Growth conference, reported by IndustryGamers, he noted that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has in total now shipped more than 114 million units.

Shipments of Take-Two's Midnight Club series have reached 18.5 million, NBA 2K 17 million and Red Dead Redemption 12.5 million. Strategy series Civilization has shipped 11 million, relatively new franchise Bioshock has reached 9 million and Wii hit Carnival Games 8 million units.

The Max Payne series - which will see a third title released early next year - has shipped 7.5 million units, the Mafia franchise 5 million, Borderlands 4.5 million and The Darkness 1 million units.

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Joshua Thompson IT Support, Codemasters10 years ago
Such a good game !
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 10 years ago
Some impressive figures there -- particularly RDR; I would be interested to see its actual sales figures as I think it was about 8 million sales a handful of months back. Interesting that Midnight Club has shipped 18.5 million unit across its four main instalments, as I thought the series was effectively hung out to dry after MC:LA.

Also, looking forward to BioShock Infinite next March, and I think that will shift some impressive numbers. I've watched a few gameplay videos recently, and it's looking amazing.
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Philip Wilson Project Manager/QA 10 years ago
Yea I'm curious to see the actual sale numbers...not the number of items sold to stores
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Shaun Pearson Artist 10 years ago
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Paul Smith Studying Animation, Academy of Art University10 years ago
I would really like to see what that compares to any of the Mario or Sonic franchises. Yes they may have been around a bit longer but in comparison it would be interesting.
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