Unreal dev tools for iPhone and iPad due tomorrow

Epic keeps license free for non-commercial games; mobile devs "nuts" not to work on iOS - Rein

Epic Games will tomorrow release a new version of its Unreal Development Kit, now with support for iPhone and iPad versions of the engine.

This follows the well-received launch of Infinity Blade, the first Unreal-powered title for iOS, and which turned over at least $1.6 million in its first five days on sale.

The kit remains free to download, while Epic requires no payment for any UDK games released for free, regardless of platform.

As with the existing UDK, any developers wishing to charge for their Unreal-powered iOS Apps will be required to buy a $99 license. Once their titles pass $5000 in sales, they must also provide provide 25 per cent of all royalties.

"Apple's App Store is the most vibrant market for mobile gaming," Epic's Mark Rein told the Wall Street Journal.

"If you're going to make a game for a mobile device, and you want to make the most money, you're nuts not to make it for iOS."


Infinity Blade brought in at least $1.6m in revenue in its first week

Rein also hinted that an Android version of Infinity Blade and other UDK titles may be possible down the line, but disparate hardware specs and Google's filesize limitations presented major obstacles at present.

Meantime, Epic-owned Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment has revealed it is to cease work on its planned adaptation of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game novel.

Said Chair co-founder Eric Mustard to Joystiq, "One of Epic's primary objectives is to create original and unique franchises. I don't know that Ender's Game fits into that strategic objective anymore."

The new version of UDK will be available here tomorrow.

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Ricky Hodgson Studying BA (Hons) Computer Games and Visual Effects, Anglia Ruskin University11 years ago
Been waiting a while for this! Cant wait. I love UDK for PC.
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Sergio Santos Freelance 3D Artist 11 years ago
great news!
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This will be crazy. It's a big help to indie studios.
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Malcolm Williams Casual Games 11 years ago
I think The Unity3D on my Mac will be ok if I make a app or two with the Unreal engine!
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Zancois Rice 3D Artist/Animator Generalist 11 years ago
WHAT I've been waiting for Enders Game for years and they keep brushing it off like it's not relevant.... Losers.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Jamie Watson Studying Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology11 years ago

this will be great fun!
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Burton Posey Game Developer 11 years ago
Does anyone know if this is going to be a Mac only thing? It seems unlikely, but I don't quite understand how you could build an iOS app from a PC. That's given Apple's tight hold of how you can build an iOS app; I am under the impression you have to go through XCode at some point in the build process, even with Unity iPhone.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Burton Posey on 16th December 2010 4:49am

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Tom Keresztes Programmer 11 years ago

Try Airplay, if you want to build apps on your PC. (

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Tom Keresztes on 16th December 2010 7:29am

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Alexander Khristian Project Manager, PIPE studio11 years ago
I love UDK!!!!

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Alexander Khristian on 16th December 2010 11:51am

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