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Xbox 2 manufacturing plans are on schedule - TSMC

A representative of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, the company tasked with fabricating the chips being used in Microsoft's next Xbox console, has told the media that the development of the console is proceeding to plan.

Gran Turismo 4 slips to "winter" in Japan

Digital Polyphony's long-awaited PS2 racer Gran Turismo 4 has apparently suffered another slippage - with the date for the game changed from Autumn to Winter in Japan, raising fears that it may not launch until early 2005.


Only Action Replay has cheat codes for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen…

Nintendo drops GBA SP price to UKP 69, launches new bundles

Following on the heels of a similar price cut in the United States earlier this month, Nintendo of Europe has today announced that the GBA SP is set to drop to UKP 69 from September 24th, giving the handheld a pre-season boost.