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Arc System Works introduces 'non-negotiable' streaming guidelines

Developer threatens breaches with potential channel strike or account suspension

Ahead of the release of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Japanese developer Arc System Works has laid down new guidelines restricting players from streaming or uploading story content.

While the developer encouraged players to upload competitive matches, tutorial videos, guides, and dance parties, it suggested any breach of the "non-negotiable" guidelines could result in channel strike of account suspension.

"We want to give you the freedom to upload your amazing matches and online shenanigans," said the developer in a blog post. "However, when it comes to story mode, that is where most of the restrictions and guidelines will reside."

Supposedly in an effort to contain spoilers, Arc System Works said that only short clips of content up to the second chapter of the game's story are permitted for streaming or uploading.

A similar restriction has been stated regarding music, with the developer explicitly banning soundtrack rips from being uploaded anywhere.

"These rules, in general, apply across the board with Arc System Works games," said the developer. "We understand how much work you put into your channels, and love and appreciate you supporting us by creating content from our games.

"Unfortunately, these rules are non-negotiable with the powers that be, and will result in your channel being issued a content ID claim, or worse, a channel strike/account suspension. We don't want this to happen because of us, so please, heed the rules above."

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