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22 Roundtable: Saving PlayStation Vita

2 years ago Will Sony's portable meet an untimely death? Our staff looks at revitalizing the Vita


Roundtable: Our Best Bets in Gaming

2 years ago The staff gets together for a fantasy sports style draft of gaming's top companies


2 Hideo Kojima: 25 Years of Metal Gear Solid

2 years ago The full transcript of BAFTA's lecture with the creator of the Metal Gear franchise


Guaranteed to Earn - The Power of Earned in an Integrated Campaign

2 years ago Simon Ward talks establishing a meaningful relationship between brands and consumers using an integrated campaign


2 Roundtable: The Legacy of The BioWare Doctors

2 years ago Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will be sorely missed. Our staff reminisces and looks at the state of BioWare


2 Jaded Empire: BioWare doctors' departure "an enormous loss"

2 years ago Peter Molyneux, Ted Price, Mike Capps and more tip their caps to Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk


5 Brendan Sinclair joins GamesIndustry International

2 years ago Veteran journalist will bolster the US team


8 Fair to Play: Fixing Free To Play

2 years ago PlayScreen's William Volk talks about the problems with freemium and offers a potential solution


Delivering earned media performance

2 years ago The Ayzenberg Group talks about maximizing earned media investments


1 Mobile Games: Making it to the 1%

2 years ago Eyal Rabinovich, Co-Founder of MoMinis, discusses the wonders of cross-promotion in the mobile market


6 How to Monetize Free-to-Play Games

2 years ago A look at the nuts and bolts of the free-to-play business model


16 Roundtable: The DLC "Problem"

2 years ago Our staff discusses the issues surrounding DLC and whether gamers are being exploited


25 Roundtable: Will Wii U Get The 3rd Party Support It Needs?

2 years ago Our staff weighs in on the fate of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U launch


10 Roundtable: The Old Republic's Free-To-Play Future

2 years ago With BioWare's hugely expensive MMO going free-to-play this year, we examine what the model means for The Old Republic and the industry at large


3 Words on Play: Episode 5 - Social Collapse?

2 years ago Zynga's woes and what they mean for social and mobile gaming


1 Games Invest 2012: Ian Livingstone's 10 games investment tips

2 years ago What do investors look for in a games company when they want to splash their cash? Ian Livingstone OBE offers developers some essential advice


8 Pearson takes deputy editor role at GamesIndustry International

2 years ago Site continues growth since relaunch and merger

3 GamesIndustry International hiring US writer

2 years ago Interested in working for a fast-growing, highly-respected trade website? Apply within


41 Roundtable: Is The Console Cycle Really Too Long?

2 years ago GamesIndustry International's writers tackle the subject of current-gen dragging on in this week's roundtable


comScore: Games Media UK Results, Q2 2012

2 years ago A complete run-down of the top consumer and trade games media by UK traffic


1 Nintendo stock still "best investment" in industry - Game Trader

2 years ago Panoptic Management Consultants' Asif Khan and Adam Kraus weigh in on game stocks in their newest "Game Trader" column


Crowd Funding Gets a Bible, and its Evangelists Speak Up

2 years ago Scott Steinberg and Jon Kimmich discuss their views on crowdsourcing

1 2K Games supports Rezzed with XCOM, Borderlands 2

2 years ago Gearbox shooter playable for the first time in UK


31 Is E3 Still Relevant?

Opinion 2 years ago GamesIndustry International asks if gaming's greatest spectacle can change with the industry

Carmageddon creators to talk crowd-funding at Rezzed

2 years ago PC event will delve into the work behind setting up a Kickstarter campaign