Atari officially pulls out of E3

Ghostbusters publisher will attend but not exhibit at key industry event

Publisher Atari has pulled out of E3 next month, deciding to attend the event rather than exhibit.

Last week it was revealed that in the UK and Europe, the company would no longer be publishing its key 2009 release Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and would be handing the title over to Sony as a PlayStation exclusive for a limited time.

"Atari has made the proactive decision to attend but not exhibit at this year's E3 event," said a spokesperson for the company.

"Although we feel E3 benefits the entire games business, we are very focused around other selling and marketing initiatives for our upcoming Ghostbusters, Champions Online and other to be announced titles."

The latest decision from Atari casts doubt on the company which hopes to transition from a traditional games publisher to an online business, with the help of new executives David Gardner and Phil Harrison.

Upcoming titles from Atari include Tekken 6, a new title from Q Entertainment with the working title of QJ and Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for the Wii.

Its release of a console version of The Witcher: Return of the White Wolf has been put on hold following an ugly dispute between developers CD Projekt and Widescreen Games.

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To be honest, if they're moving as they say towards a more mainstream model, it kind of makes sense to not overspend at E3.
Likewise, the deal with Sony makes sense, there'll soon be a time when they need to focus purely on their new positioning, and packaged/expensive games will probably be out of their equation.

Still very curious to see where they're going, I firmly believe they're onto something!
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