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M.H. Williams has been writing in some form or another for ten years and has been a hardcore gamer since the NES first graced American shores. You can catch him on Twitter as @AutomaticZen.

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Blizzard veteran building cloud service for Stardock

2 months ago Former Blizzard systems engineer Adrian Luff moves to Stardock to launch the cloud-based Project Tachyon

18 "King copied our game" says indie dev

8 months ago Matt Cox of Stolen Goose says King copied his game when publishing negotiations fell through

Microsoft: Xbox hardware "will be important for a long time"

9 months ago Phil Spencer doesn't see a dedicated processing box for your gaming going away anytime soon

14 PlayStation UK Boss calls Vita "the iPod of handheld gaming"

9 months ago Fergal Gara notes an increase in the number of Vita titles being bought digitally

2K Sports no longer releasing MLB games

9 months ago There will be no MLB 2K14 as 2K parts ways with the sport

2 Zynga founder asks President to pardon Snowden

10 months ago Tech leaders tell President Obama that NSA spying is hurting business

12 Samsung reveals GamePad and Mobile Console app

10 months ago Samsung decides to take on consoles with its Galaxy device lineup

6 Nintendo 3DS surpasses 10 million sold in NA

10 months ago Pokemon X and Y crosses 2.35 million units and Wii U sales are up 340 percent month-over-month


Leisure Suit Larry creator leaves Replay Games

10 months ago Al Lowe has decided that it is time to return to retirement


Getting Emotional: Developing Sports Games for Next-Gen

10 months ago Sports franchise devs discuss the challenge of splitting their focus between current-gen and next-gen


1 Harmonix lays off a "small number" of employees

10 months ago The Rock Band and Fantasia developer lets go of an undisclosed number of employees

10 Fez sells over a million units

10 months ago Polytron's indie puzzler crosses a big milestone


3 Sports Games: Tackling a Catch-22

10 months ago We talk with several sports franchise devs about walking the tightrope between innovation and appeasing a core fan base every year


4 Bravely Default character designer leaves Square Enix

10 months ago Yoshida decides to leave Square Enix, but will continue working with the company

Sony's House: PS4 could "significantly exceed" PS3 sales

10 months ago Andrew House thinks the PS4 could beat the PS3 in lifetime sales numbers

13 EA puts Battlefield 4 expansions on hold

10 months ago While BF4 issues continue, EA has decided to hold development on further expansions

Mail.Ru Group launch Games@Mail.Ru publishing platform

10 months ago The Russian company wants to bring more games to its gaming platform

9 Microsoft's Threshold brings operating systems together

10 months ago Ballmer's 'One Microsoft' begins to take shape in Microsoft's Threshold


8 How PS4 and Xbox One Will Yield Better Creativity

10 months ago Why does next-gen matter? Devs tell us what the extra power will allow them to do

3 NPD Group: $3.45 billion spent on games in Q3 2013

11 months ago Industry sees its greatest growth since Q2 2011, social gaming declines

1 EA: Facebook is a "lifeline" for Battlefield 4 promotion

11 months ago When it comes to social media, Facebook is EA's focus for Battlefield 4 PR.

Sony promises "good supply" of PS4 at retail this holiday season

11 months ago Sony doesn't think the PlayStation 4 will be hard to find this holiday shopping season

Xbox One Twitch streaming coming in 2014

11 months ago Microsoft's console won't have built-in Twitch streaming at launch

13 PlayStation 4 US sales cross 1 million units in 24 hours

11 months ago Sony's new console posts record sell through numbers for a console launch

New Uncharted game coming to PlayStation 4

11 months ago Videos: Naughty Dog's PS4 game will be a new adventure; Bungie announces PS4 to get Destiny beta first