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M.H. Williams has been writing in some form or another for ten years and has been a hardcore gamer since the NES first graced American shores. You can catch him on Twitter as @AutomaticZen.

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Blizzard veteran building cloud service for Stardock

A year ago Former Blizzard systems engineer Adrian Luff moves to Stardock to launch the cloud-based Project Tachyon

18 "King copied our game" says indie dev

2 years ago Matt Cox of Stolen Goose says King copied his game when publishing negotiations fell through

Microsoft: Xbox hardware "will be important for a long time"

2 years ago Phil Spencer doesn't see a dedicated processing box for your gaming going away anytime soon

14 PlayStation UK Boss calls Vita "the iPod of handheld gaming"

2 years ago Fergal Gara notes an increase in the number of Vita titles being bought digitally

2K Sports no longer releasing MLB games

2 years ago There will be no MLB 2K14 as 2K parts ways with the sport

2 Zynga founder asks President to pardon Snowden

2 years ago Tech leaders tell President Obama that NSA spying is hurting business

12 Samsung reveals GamePad and Mobile Console app

2 years ago Samsung decides to take on consoles with its Galaxy device lineup

6 Nintendo 3DS surpasses 10 million sold in NA

2 years ago Pokemon X and Y crosses 2.35 million units and Wii U sales are up 340 percent month-over-month


Leisure Suit Larry creator leaves Replay Games

2 years ago Al Lowe has decided that it is time to return to retirement


Getting Emotional: Developing Sports Games for Next-Gen

2 years ago Sports franchise devs discuss the challenge of splitting their focus between current-gen and next-gen


1 Harmonix lays off a "small number" of employees

2 years ago The Rock Band and Fantasia developer lets go of an undisclosed number of employees

10 Fez sells over a million units

2 years ago Polytron's indie puzzler crosses a big milestone


3 Sports Games: Tackling a Catch-22

2 years ago We talk with several sports franchise devs about walking the tightrope between innovation and appeasing a core fan base every year


4 Bravely Default character designer leaves Square Enix

2 years ago Yoshida decides to leave Square Enix, but will continue working with the company

Sony's House: PS4 could "significantly exceed" PS3 sales

2 years ago Andrew House thinks the PS4 could beat the PS3 in lifetime sales numbers

13 EA puts Battlefield 4 expansions on hold

2 years ago While BF4 issues continue, EA has decided to hold development on further expansions

Mail.Ru Group launch Games@Mail.Ru publishing platform

2 years ago The Russian company wants to bring more games to its gaming platform

9 Microsoft's Threshold brings operating systems together

2 years ago Ballmer's 'One Microsoft' begins to take shape in Microsoft's Threshold


8 How PS4 and Xbox One Will Yield Better Creativity

2 years ago Why does next-gen matter? Devs tell us what the extra power will allow them to do

3 NPD Group: $3.45 billion spent on games in Q3 2013

2 years ago Industry sees its greatest growth since Q2 2011, social gaming declines

1 EA: Facebook is a "lifeline" for Battlefield 4 promotion

2 years ago When it comes to social media, Facebook is EA's focus for Battlefield 4 PR.

Sony promises "good supply" of PS4 at retail this holiday season

2 years ago Sony doesn't think the PlayStation 4 will be hard to find this holiday shopping season

Xbox One Twitch streaming coming in 2014

2 years ago Microsoft's console won't have built-in Twitch streaming at launch

13 PlayStation 4 US sales cross 1 million units in 24 hours

2 years ago Sony's new console posts record sell through numbers for a console launch

New Uncharted game coming to PlayStation 4

2 years ago Videos: Naughty Dog's PS4 game will be a new adventure; Bungie announces PS4 to get Destiny beta first