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Christopher Dring has spent a decade in the games industry, initially in development, before joining GamesIndustry in 2016. He led UK games business publication MCV for five years, and has contributed to Develop, eSports Pro, BBC, The Observer and Sky News. He also really likes playing Nintendo games, but don't hold that against him.

Recent articles by Christopher Dring

Frontier to release Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster at physical retail

Sold Out handling the physical versions, believes "quality games will sell whatever the distribution method"

By Christopher Dring

The third age of Jagex

Acting CEO and COO Phil Mansell tells us what new ownership means for the RuneScape maker

By Christopher Dring

Should indies release their video games in a box?

There's still money to be made in the old physical games market

By Christopher Dring

Yooka-Laylee: The backers' view

We revisit Playtonic's dramatic two years and speak to the firm's Kickstarter supporters

By Christopher Dring

StandUp For GamesAid returns to London next month

Imran Yusuf and company set for May 8th comedy event

By Christopher Dring

Development by expo: How Ghost Town built Overcooked

We visit a house in Cambridge to uncover the secrets of BAFTA-winning Overcooked

By Christopher Dring

Rocket League physical sales pass 1m

505 Games posts huge figures for previously digital-only indie release

By Christopher Dring

Why Sega is obsessed with Humble Bundle

The Sonic maker has raised over $2m via the charity retailer

By Christopher Dring

Argos to stock new Cars game exclusively in the UK

Another game to be released exclusively at a retailer

By Christopher Dring

Persona 5 tops UK boxed charts

LEGO City Undercover returns to the charts after 4 years

By Christopher Dring

ASA bans Mobile Strike ad for objectifying women

Machine Zone's latest YouTube video shows women playing the game by the pool in bikinis

By Christopher Dring

Team17's Debbie Bestwick on how to be a successful start-up

The head of the UK's fastest-growing games publisher delivers advice to indies at London Games Festival

By Christopher Dring

New look Jagex posts record profits

Runescape firm says profits are up 21.5% during last financial year

By Christopher Dring

The secret success of the Sherlock Holmes video games

The TV and movie franchises may take all the headlines, but Frogware's Sherlock Holmes series has now shifted over 7m units and it's growing

By Christopher Dring

Square Enix development veterans depart

Isamu Kamikokuryo leaves, Yoshinori Yamagishi to lead development of VR MMO for Monobit

By Christopher Dring

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