RockYou loses Knight to Zynga

SVP of games leaves after only eleven months

RockYou's senior vice president of games Jonathan Knight has left the company to join social rival Zynga.

Knight had been charged with rebuilding RockYou as a social games company, acquiring 3D engine maker TirNua, 3 Blokes and the UK's Playdemic in his eleven months with the firm.

"We hired [Knight] to help us build out a portfolio of great products and he's done the job," CEO Lisa Marino told Inside Social Games.

"We have built a strong team of talent through a careful hiring process, our Studio Partners program, and acquisitions over the past year. The departure of Jonathan will not impact our game development pipeline or our plans to continue to launch quality titles."

As well as acquisitions, Knight also helped launch the Studio Partners third-party publishing arm and signed two deals with John Romero's Loot Drop studio.

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Bostjan Troha CEO, Zootfly5 years ago
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Andrew Ihegbu Studying Bsc Commercial Music, University of Westminster5 years ago
I'm starting to wonder if Zygna is doing anything with all the talent it's hired.

I see plenty of IPO news.

I see plenty of employment related news. (such as this)

I see plenty of market statistics, demographics, and general analysis of the userbase.

I see no new product announcements whatsoever.

What are they doing?
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Frankie Kang Producer / Consultant, First Post LLC5 years ago
Zynga has launched 5 Facebook titles in the last 4 months - Empires vs Allies, Pioneer Trail, Words w/ Friends Facebook, and Adventure World.

EvA was developed by the team managing the Lord of the Rings franchise in EALA
Pioneer Trail was developed by a splinter group of acquired Zynga developers
Words w/ Friends Facebook was developed by Zynga-acquired dev, NewToy
Adventure World was developed by a Boston-based acquisition, but too lazy to google.

Seems like they are doing plenty. :)
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