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Recent articles about NASSCOM

NASSCOM GDC rebrands as The India Game Developer Conference

This year's conference will run alongside new week-long games and animation festival IndiaJoy

Vlambeer, Sumo and Samsung join NASSCOM GDC advisory board

Indian developer conference reaches out to international partners as it moves to new location in Hyderabad

India: "The last bastion for the games industry"

At NASSCOM GDC, Dhruva Interactive's Rajesh Rao detailed the huge potential of India as a market for games

"You pay a heavy price for being a pioneer"

Rajesh Rao founded India's first game studio, and he is now pushing the country toward a brighter future with the NASSCOM GDC

Zynga graphics chief to keynote NASSCOM dev conference

Henry LeBounta will be joined by indie designer Ste Curran as a keynote speaker at the Indian industry event


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