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Cosmic Combo League October 19th - November 16th

come anytime between 9 pm - midnight est

Combo League Time: Thursdays and Sundays 9pm est

Cosmic Encounter Online Designer, Peter Olotka, announced today that the first ever combo league starts this week at Cosmic Encounter Online http://cosmicencounter.com. Players will all play the same alien combo.

"Sarry", Honorary Cosmic Member s! ince 1997 is hosting the Combo League from her hideout down under in Australia. Her combo choice will be annonced at the start of each evening of league play.

Combos are the latest feature to be added to Cosmic Encounter Online. Cosmic players post their favorite combination of aliens from the 40,920 different sets, give the set a title and description and it is added to the Captain's Option choices at the start of each game.

The top four League finishers win prizes of autographed Glossy Prints of their alien.

The League is open for a 3 hour slot. Players can drop in anytime and play up to six Leage games a week. Results are posted after each session at Blogmic Encounter, hosted by Cosmic Founder "TheDukester&qu! ot;. Founders are players who have purchased lifetime member! ships at Cosmic Encounter Online.

Combo League Schedule

Week 1: Thus 19 Oct, Sun 22 Oct

Week 2: Thus 26 Oct, Sun 29 Oct

Week 3: Thus 2 Nov, Sun 5 Nov

Week 4: Thus 9 Nov, Sun 12 Nov

Final: Thus 16 November 10pm esc

For up to date Cosmic Encounter Online News add cosblog to your RSS reader and Blogmic Encounter http://pgocosmic.wordpress.com/ and http://ce.typepad.com/cosmic/.

Cosmic Encounter Online now has 33 aliens and 40,920 different four player games.

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