Monkey Labs

Educational number featuring a troupe of mathematical monkeys.

For Immediate Release 1 September 2009

It doesn't always have to be big epic RPGs with dragons and tons of quests. Larian Studios and Die Keure are very proud today to announce Monkey Labs, a new innovative game starring ... monkeys and maths! That's right, in Monkey labs, your math skills are put against those of highly intelligent monkeys. While it might sound odd, this game will show you that math and fun go hand in hand in an incredibly addictive way. Cynical, skeptical or at least very doubtful? Have a look at our Monkey Labs video for yourself at and become a believer!

Monkey Labs is the first in a series of new educational video games that combine a motivating, intriguing story with popular 3D gameplay and educational games in which the player competes with in-game characters to solve various challenges.

In Monkey Labs you enter an abandoned science laboratory where something went horribly wrong. Monkeys are jumping around everywhere with a strange device attached to their head. As the story unfolds, you discover that your only chance to save the monkeys, is beating them in a series of challenging math games. But beware! The monkeys quickly adapt to your math skills, and you'll have to improve yourself continuously if you want to have a shot at uncovering the mystery behind Monkey Labs.

Monkey Labs is unique in that its been constructed specifically to accompany classic textbooks and act as a game-companion throughout the school year. Unlike many games in this genre, the production values of Monkey Labs are the same as that for commercial real games, making it very appealing. Thanks to an extensive back-end tool, the game is highly customizable, allowing it to be easily adapted to courses for students between 7 and 14. Monkey labs features a learning engine which adapts to each student's skill level, making it perfect for exposing young students to individually tailored math exercises in a fun and motivating way.

At the time of writing, Monkey Labs is being bundled with math textbooks from Die Keure in Belgium and is being received very enthusiastically by the school community. It will soon be coming to other territories.

More games based on the same successful formula will soon be announced.

About Larian Studios: Larian Studios is the largest independent games developer from Belgium. Their portfolio includes the multiple award winning RPG Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity II -Ego Draconis as well as the popular online children communities produced for various broadcasters such as Adventure Rock (BBC), KetnetKick (VRT), Superia (NRK) and GulliLand (Lagardre).

About Die Keure: Die Keure is an important Belgian printer and publishing company. The educational publishing department delivers high-quality teaching resources for both primary and secondary schools. In addition to traditional textbooks, die Keure is always looking for challenging ICT applications in order to create strong cross-medial learning environments.

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