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Capcom: "Disappointment" over Resident Evil Wii sales

Mature game players have "moved on" from Wii, says director

Sales of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on Wii have been a "disappointment", the director general of Capcom France has revealed.

According to Antoine Seux, sales of other mature games, such as MadWorld and Dead Rising, on the platform have also suffered as core gamers have "obviously moved on".

Speaking in an interview with Gamekult, Seux said that Darkside Chronicles had sold a disappointing 16,000 units by December 23 - lower than hoped.

The sales, he continued, pointed to a very clear problem with core gamers moving on from the Wii and its audience becoming a much broader one.

Resident Evil 4 on Wii worked well, he added, selling over 140,000 units. But as it was released in June 2007 the market "had nothing to do".

The situation has since "radically changed" he notes, with an oversupply of games in 2009. Core games are selling less and less on the Nintendo console, he suggested, with sales of MadWorld, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop and The House of the Dead: Overkill all failing to make significant impact.

In contrast, games such as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and New Super Mario Bros "work great", he added. But the Wii market is becoming complex.

Seux's comments echo those made earlier this week by SEGA studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos.

The poor performance of EA's Dead Space Extraction - a game with plenty of marketing muscle - "stunned" the company, said Hantzopoulos, who added that SEGA probably wouldn't release any more mature games onto the Wii.

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Latest comments (5)

As a long time Resident Evil fan, I avoided the new game - although I have bought every other edition of the game, on every system (sad, I know) - because the Wii is so far behind other consoles for mature games. I think Messrs Seux and Hantzopoulos are correct in that the Wii's days as a serious platform for core gamers is numbered... It's much better for the kind of family games and games-for-non-gamers, which it does so well - as does the Nintendo DS. Core gamers I know have similarly turned their backs on the DS and PSP as "serious" games systems, choosing the iPhone or even eschewing a handheld system altogether, since they can no longer replicate the experience of a PS3 or XBox title, in the same way that, a generation ago, roleplaying gamers packed up their Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks and embraced the roleplaying and strategy games of the PC and (to a lesser extent) PS2 - David Hughes

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
I think the problem is two fold. Wii gamers are tired of being thrown scraps and have been driven to other consoles but more specifically with regards to the above referenced games, Wii gamers are tired of point and click on rails shooters. When you flood a niche genre, you get poor sales. I don't care what console you are.

When you downgrade a game, remove jumping, remove the in game camera feature, reduce the environmental weapons to be replaced with standard guns and then code it get Dead Rising: CTYD and nobody wants that.

When you take a black and white game and can't even get it to run in progressive scan, you have a problem. Let's not forget what other games that company has developed. Okami, God Hand, Viewtiful Joe and now MadWorld. Of those 4, guess which one sold best? MadWorld.

Take Dead Space, remove the free roaming creepy aspect of the original, force people to ride their rail cart in a flooded market and you get poor sales. Would the original game have sold well under the same concepts? Hell no.

We're tired of these developers throwing us scraps. Games that would never have even been allowed on the HD twins because they'd know good and well they'd never sell. But they'll toss them on Wii to appease the screaming hardcore fans and then complain when we don't buy their insults put on retail shelves.

Look at the mature games by Capcom that were developed with true efforts. RE4 Wii Edition (outsold the GC version) and Monster Hunter 3 (best selling home console MH title ever and was best selling 3rd party title in Japan this generation until FFXIII).

Some games just flop because people don't want it. Is Capcom crying over Bionic Commando? That flopped worse than anything they've put on Wii.

Release a good game that doesn't insult the Wii owner and you'll get sales.
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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games11 years ago
True many gamers have lost faith on wii waiting many years after wii launch to receive some good mature games.

Abandoning the mature wii market and sayin "no more "M" games for you guys" is a sound business choice for sure especially if every title puts you on a loss. But if they are interested in invigorating the market and pick up the interest of core gamers again perhaps they should stick around and create some lower budget shorter and higher quality downloadable mature games prior to a big release.

If the title works and you have the interest of the community then move on to create a full fledged "M" title with higher production values.

Or even if that sounds like an expensive choice, give a demo level of the game for download, or like metroid hunters on DS did, to convince the consumer that your game is not just a quick money grab but a solid awesome title and its worth their money.

Otherwise "M" titles on wii right now feel like pebbles thrown against a solid wall. It would take lots of pebbles to break through.
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Hmm, anyone know what the sales figures for Cursed Mountain were like? It wasn't a rail shooter, it was a 'proper' RPG / survival horror, developed specifically for the Wii, and I reckon it sold better than the latest Resi Evil title, which is interesting...anyone know?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.11 years ago
I don't think Deep Silver provided any marketing outside of online. I notice that a lot with Wii games.

Current estimate from suggests just 90k globally (No Japanese release yet).

To provide examples of the benefits of proper advertising outside of the online banner ads one needs to look at the sales trends of both recent Call Of Duty titles on Wii. Upon release, all advertising was geared toward the HD console iterations and Wii launch sales for both (World at War and Modern Warfare: Reflex) were a paltry 60k globally. Then Wii specific advertising began showing up and sales jumped significantly - far more so than would normally be attributed to just the end of year boost. World at War has gone on to sell ~1.5 million on Wii with Reflex on the same pace. Certainly not the same mega sales as the HD consoles but then the Wii iterations aren't given the same all around effort to be such.

Given that Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles is tracking about the same as Umbrella Chronicles, I don't really see what they are complaining about as the former sold over 1.3 million units.
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