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8th July 2021

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Super Metroid knew how to tell a story and set a mood | Why I Love

Decemberborn Interactive's Eric Lavesson explores what keeps bringing him back to the Super Nintendo sequel decades later

By Eric Lavesson

Pokémon Crystal keeps us interested by telling us less | Why I Love

Ocean's Heart developer Max Mraz digs into the enduring mysteries of the classic Pokémon adventure

By Max Mraz

A word from a Destiny 2 acolyte | Why I Love

Rockfish CEO Michael Schade shares how Bungie's looter-shooter sequel turned him into a fanboy for the franchise

By Michael Schade

The Game Developer's Playlist: Metal Gear Solid 5, with Jeffery Thompson Jr | Podcast

In a special bonus episode, Epoch Media's co-founder explores the impact of Hideo Kojima's final Metal Gear game

By GamesIndustry Staff

Still There examines how far one can run from grief | Why I Love

Chad Briggs offers a narrative analysis of GhostShark's tale of a deep space lighthouse keeper working through loss

By Chad Briggs

Hades makes endless struggle entertaining | Why I Love

Lucid Tales co-founders dive into what elevates Supergiant Games' underworld roguelike

By Émile Brodeur and Louis Lamontagne

Outer Wilds' existential loneliness is engaging, entertaining | Why I Love

Lovable Hat Cult's Patrick Jarnfelt explores Mobius Digital's curiously uplifting story of a doomed solar system

By Patrick Jarnfelt

Legend of Grimrock leaves no stone unpressed | Why I Love

Worm Jazz developer Yu He explains how the 2012 dungeon crawler was designed to draw players in

By Brendan Sinclair

The Soulcalibur still burns | Why I Love

Namco's Dreamcast fighter ushered in the era of better-than-arcade ports and built friendships in competitive communities that last to this day

By Andrew Alfonso

The Game Developer's Playlist: RPG Maker, with Davionne Gooden | Podcast

Second episode in our spin-off series looks at the accessible development tool that's inspiring indies

By GamesIndustry Staff

Earthbound and the power of representation | Why I Love

Afterburner's Robert Taylor explains how the classic Super Nintendo RPG taught him to read and inspired a career

By Robert Taylor

1,100 words of praise for Thirty Flights of Loving | Why I Love

YCJY Games' Josef Martinovsk explains how Blendo Games' short story showed him what games could be

By Josef Martinovsk

The sublime theatrics and pacing of Metal Gear Solid 4 | Why I Love

Nomina Games co-founder Darrel Wijaya talks about Hideo Kojima's interactive cinematic blockbuster

By Darrel Wijaya

Ape Out: Understandable in a split second | Why I Love

BugBomb CEO Łukasz Goraczewski says ape escape caper took him back to another time and Another World

By Łukasz Goraczewski

Pokémon Snap had a different kind of focus | Why I Love

Tag Games CEO Marc Williamson believes developers could learn from the Nintendo photo safari's escapist tourism without pressure

By Marc Williamson

A Neverwinter Nights intro to game design | Why I Love

Little Chicken Game Company's Erik Kors shares how the world of Faerűn led him to the world of game development

By Erik Kors

Journey into the mysterious and unknown with Gothic 2

Why I Love: Perfectly Paranormal's Gisle Sřlvberg explains the appeal of playing an ambitious example of a genre he wasn't familiar with in a language he barely understood

By Gisle Sřlvberg

On Kirby 64 and Impressionism

Sketch House Games' Nate Buck considers how N64 developers discarded details while preserving an aesthetic

By Nate Buck

The transcendent appeal of Mount & Blade: Warband

Why I Love: The degree of difficulty for dev and player alike got John Nejady interested in TaleWorlds' medieval battle game, but the community he found made it something more

By John Nejady

Super Crate Box: Elegant, frantic, and unapologetically small

WarpThrough developer Ramon Huiskamp didn't full appreciate Vlambeer's action game until he tried to make something like it

By Ramon Huiskamp

How God of War converted a non-believer

Why I Love: Double Eleven's Matt Dunthorne says the 2018 revamp turned him from uninterested onlooker into full-on fanboy

By Matt Dunthorne

The never-ending journey of No Man's Sky

Why I Love: EA Vancouver games researcher James Berg loses himself in Hello Games' vast universe

By James Berg

Soul Reaver: Audacious, pulpy, intelligent, trashy, uncompromising

Why I Love: TheChineseRoom's Dan Pinchbeck pays tribute to Crystal Dynamics' PSOne vampiric action-adventure

By Dan Pinchbeck

Braid and the beauty of not wasting time

Why I Love: A Duel Hand Disaster dev Jaycee Salinas takes inspiration from the indie time manipulation platformer

By Jaycee Salinas

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