Capcom improving localizing efforts for 2013

Capcom talks about increasing its global reach in emerging countries

In an internal interview, Capcom director and executive corporate officer for Consumer Games Business Katsuhiko Ichii (pictured) explained that the company is increasing game localization to reach emerging markets. Capcom expects that by 2013, its games could be translated into 13 to 15 languages.

“We've seen a great deal of expansion of markets in emerging countries and regions, such as Russia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, and the Middle East. When you combine the size of these new markets, they're about as large as the markets in major developed nations such as Germany and France,” said Ishii.

“However, to successfully break into these regions, localizing our games is a must. Up until now we've only done English voiceovers for game characters, but by next year we're looking to do voiceovers in languages of 5 to 7 countries, and have the in-game text translated into 13 to 15 languages. This will give us with a major boost in the area of game localization.”

Capcom is also hiring new, younger developers to improve its efforts on other platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

“We're looking at taking on about 100 additional developers next year, with plans to continue strengthening our development structure,” said Ishii.

“Capcom is actively working to create games for the ever-diversifying range of platforms, such as smartphones and tablet devices. That's why we intend to actively recruit and employ largely new graduates. This will provide us with individuals we can raise up into employees capable of forging Capcom's future.”

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Michael Revis Writer, NerdReactor.com5 years ago
When I read "improving localizing efforts," I thought that meant that we'd actually be getting things like, you know, Monster Hunter 4 in the west, or something.
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Vinicius De Nadai Andrade Technology Business Analyst 5 years ago
The best way to approach in a new market is to customize in a way your products.

The video game industry suppose not to just create the games and only hire "locals" to simple sell them.

Capcom have waked up to realize how important is to melt with your clients.
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