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Angels Online

Phoenix available to saddle up.

With a flash of light and a burst of flames, the mighty Phoenix has appeared in Angels Online! Who will be able to resist trying to claim the power that this new mount will provide?

The Phoenix is a legendary mythical creature whose appearance in Angels Online marks the restoration of faith for the beleaguered Steel Faction. Worshiped as a Spirit Lord and an envoy of God, the Phoenix is a sign of victory that has ignited hopes of victory in the war with the forces of Evil.

Unlike the other factions, the Steel Faction believes that the Phoenix is more than simply a soul totem; it is a symbol of pride, courage and most importantly, hope. According to the dev team, this new Phoenix mount will be one of the most beautiful mounts available in Angels Online, and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Beauty is only skin deep though, and this new mounts advantages go far deeper than a colorful set of feathers. When push comes to shove the Phoenix will shove back – hard. Featuring both excellent offensive and defensive capabilities, it will strike fear into the hearts of monsters everywhere. (Though, who knew monsters had hearts to strike fear into?) What really sets the Phoenix apart from some of the other mounts available in Angels Online is its added movement speed bonus. Not only is it powerful and a bit of a showoff, but it is amazingly fast. When up against low HP characters who rely on high damage first attacks (think Mage types), having a Phoenix will definitely help even the odds.

It was no accident that the Phoenix has arrived in these trying times. For the followers of the Steel Faction it is a sign. As they came to believe in the mystical properties of steel, which is cast into the flames and reborn as something much stronger and more valuable than its initial appearance would suggest, so the fiery Phoenix represents this process of fiery rebirth and transformation, its flames illuminating the dawning of a new age.

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