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Digital sales up 10% year-over-year in July - Superdata

5 hours ago Pokemon Go, Overwatch powering a strong summer for game industry; Clash Royale cannibalizing Clash of Clans

Friction between Riot and League of Legends team owners

8 hours ago Teams upset with big pre-tourney patches and limitations on revenue streams; Riot irked by teams investing in other eSports

1 HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs - VRDC survey

10 hours ago Also, 78% of VR devs are saying no to exclusivity

PS Now expands to PC

1 days ago Sony streaming service adds a platform as company announces USB adaptor to connect DualShock 4 with PCs


1 Remedy pushes for shorter dev cycles

1 days ago Incoming CEO Tero Virtala talks about Quantum Break studio's move to multi-project development

5 Sony raising PS Plus price

1 days ago Annual memberships for online play and free games program going up $10 in US, $20 in Canada next month


1 Kabam's Next Wave: PS4 level graphics and $24 million launches

2 days ago CEO Kevin Chou details the company's ambitious new product strategy, and explains the "healthy" lack of mobile game IPOs

ZeniMax raises the stakes in Oculus VR lawsuit

2 days ago Amended complaint makes direct accusations against John Carmack, questions Luckey's role in Rift's creation

Slow July sees US game sales dip 14% - NPD

2 days ago Monster Hunter: Generations on 3DS was the best-selling new title in a month with very few new releases

5 Mario closes out Rio Olympics

2 days ago Japanese prime minister dresses as Nintendo mascot for hand-off to promote 2020 Tokyo Olympics

3 PS4 Slim is real

2 days ago Following leaked images, our colleagues at Eurogamer have verified that the slimmed down console is legit

6 EA warms up to HD remasters

2 days ago Patrick Soderlund attributes change of heart to "more clear evidence that this is something that people really want"


Search for a Star offers students a way into the games industry

2 days ago Highlighting the best up-and-coming talent in the UK

Year of solid growth for UK industry sees employment and revenues rise

3 days ago Update: "Micro studios" on the rise with 65% of UK developers now employing less than 5 people


2 Goodgame Studios redundancies could hit 200 people

3 days ago German company will focus its resources on mobile and PC strategy titles, and cease production of casual and client games

RPG, strategy are most lucrative mobile genres - SurveyMonkey

5 days ago Other genres see more downloads, but downloads have become almost meaningless


Pressure Drop: From Grim Dawn to a Brighter Tomorrow

5 days ago How crowdfunding helped Crate Entertainment invert the usual third-party developer difficulty curve

BAFTA launching VR advisory group

5 days ago AMD VP Roy Taylor to chair LA-based panel exploring medium's potential impact and opportunities


8 Facing Down the Online Mob

6 days ago As hype and expectations for major games spiral out of control, hate campaigns and death threats have become an occupational hazard for game creators

2 Capy delays Below

6 days ago "We did a lot of soul searching"

1 Unity and Facebook form new partnership

6 days ago “Integrating tools that provide effortless access to Facebook's network"


castAR hires Darrell Rodriguez as CEO

6 days ago Augmented reality company also brings on Steve Parkis as president and COO

7 This is the last console generation - Greenberg

6 days ago Head of Xbox marketing stresses company's commitment to compatibility, backtracks on pledge of no exclusives for Scorpio

3 VR/AR to reach $162 billion in worldwide revenues by 2020 - IDC

6 days ago Importantly, hardware accounts for half of the forecast and it includes applications for all industries, not just games

Kabam: Look beyond whales, focus on your "regulars"

6 days ago In seeking long-term success, Aaron Loeb believes mobile developers can learn from the long-term strategies found in television shows

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