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3 Trigger warnings: The GamePhobias database

3 days ago A new initiative wants to make upsetting content, from spiders to self-harm, easier to avoid


Blizzard hires Hearthstone pro

3 days ago Ryan 'Realz' Masterson to be associate game designer


Nintendo of Europe cutting 320 jobs

3 days ago Confirms that announced cuts will also affect temporary staff

Gamer loyalty plays into profits

Opinion 3 days ago Focusing on customer retention, not acquisition, is the key to success

22 Nintendo announces New 3DS with C-stick, extra buttons and NFC

3 days ago But upped CPU means some new games won't work on old devices


New CEO for Rovio as Mikael Hed steps aside

3 days ago Pekka Rantala takes position as Hed moves to board


Castlevania producer Dave Cox leaves Konami

3 days ago New challenges sought after 17 years at publisher

5 Australian government to challenge Steam's no refunds policy

3 days ago Valve faces federal court case for restrictions on Australian consumer law


6 Nintendo isn't hitting reset

Opinion 3 days ago Nintendo isn't retreating from the “casual” market; the accessible, family-friendly approach is here to stay

3 IGDA condemns recent "abhorrent behavior"

3 days ago Harassment and personal attacks addressed in today's statement


Amazon's Twitch buyout may have little to do with its gaming ambitions

4 days ago The purchase will help "complete a puzzle" says Twitch's Matthew DiPietro; Chris Morris examines the implications of the deal


Jagex gets a new head of PR

4 days ago Former Blizzard publicist Jonnie Bryant joins Runescape studio

Assassin's Creed Unity delayed by 2 weeks

4 days ago "We're near the target but we're not quite there yet"

OnLive expands in Europe

4 days ago Streaming game service to launch in six additional markets by year's end

4 Riccitiello dismisses console/mobile divide

4 days ago Ex-EA CEO says "it's really a question of big screens, medium sized screens and small screens"

Virtual world MovieStarPlanet partners with SuperAwesome

4 days ago “The digital kids universe is a challenging place for brands to connect with kids in both a safe and entertaining way"


6 Oculus VR: Finding the Holodeck Solution

4 days ago With the hardware taking shape, Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell are now turning their attention to content


CCP closing San Francisco office

4 days ago EVE Online maker also parting ways with chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer Joe Gallo

KongZhong revenues rise on Guild Wars 2, World of Warplanes

4 days ago Chinese publisher stays profitable thanks to new game launches

151 Threats against Sarkeesian and family force her to leave home

Opinion 4 days ago Tweets detailing graphic murder and rape sent to Feminist Frequency producer

1 League of Legends vets form Phoenix Labs

4 days ago Developers open new Vancouver studio to work on AAA multiplayer titles

1 Yokai Watch 2 proves unbeatable on Japanese chart

5 days ago Four new entries in the top five but it stays number one

16 Nintendo backs off pursuit of casual players

5 days ago Shigeru Miyamoto says a passive attitude on players' part is "kind of a pathetic thing"

1 First mobile MOBA adds Twitch tech

5 days ago Gameloft's Heroes of Order & Chaos now set up for streaming

Tech trainers Pluralsight raises $135m in Series B funding

5 days ago Insight Venture Partners leads round, "Pluralsight is at an inflection point"

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