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Xbox One expected to sell 100k in China - report

Xbox One expected to sell 100k in China - report

Wed 16 Apr 2014 7:51am GMT / 3:51am EDT / 12:51am PDT

Launch set for July, details of Microsoft's joint venture with BesTV emerge

The Xbox One is expected to sell 100,000 units in China, where it is scheduled to launch in July.

That forecast was revealed by BesTV, the Chinese media company that Microsoft has partnered with to tackle the country's emerging console market.

In a recent earnings call - as reported by QQ Games - BesTV detailed their joint venture, stating that Microsoft would be in charge of appointing the new company's CEO, and that it would produce a variety of content specifically for the Chinese market

BesTV also suggested that Xbox One games will cheaper in China than in more established markets - comparatively, at least. A new Xbox One game will retail for around 300 RMB - equivalent to $48 - but the joint venture would create content for a variety of business models.

The Chinese government announced plans to relax its decade-long console ban in September last year. So far, Microsoft has been more aggressive than both Sony and Nintendo in its plans for the new market.

Thanks Games in Asia.

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Alfonso Sexto
Lead Tester

807 637 0.8
100k in a country with 1,364,060,000 inhabitants? isn't it a bit low?

Posted:4 months ago


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