Funcom closing Beijing studio

Secret World maker consolidating live team in Raleigh, mobile and tablet development in Montreal

Funcom is shutting down its Beijing studio. The studio, which had been focusing on art and animation for last year's massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Secret World, will be closed by the end of the year.

The developer announced the closure in an update to its ongoing restructuring process. As part of that process, Funcom is consolidating development of new content for its current games (The Secret World, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online) in its Raleigh, North Carolina offices. The company is also changing the focus of its Montreal studio to work on new projects for tablets and mobile platforms, in addition to working on the proprietary Dreamworld game engine. While they will remain open, both the Montreal and Raleigh studios saw a number of employees laid off.

Funcom confirmed the restructuring process earlier this month. As part of the process, the company is changing its strategy to making smaller online games, juggling investment between multiple projects at once. The results of that shift should be visible in the upcoming Lego Minifigures game, which is currently in development at Funcom's main Oslo studio. Despite the change, Funcom has said it will continue to support its previously released titles, calling them "a vital part of its legacy as well as its future business."

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Latest comments (3)

Robert Messina4 years ago
Looking forward to the day Funcom close up shop completely. This company has the worst customer support I've seen.
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Joonas Laakso Production Lead, Next Games4 years ago
Re: Robert Messina: well, that wasn't very constructive or in good taste. Never a good thing for people to lose their jobs or companies having to close offices.

As for the restructuring, sounds reasonable. Why take massive chances with big games when it pays off so rarely and you can't afford a miss?
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Robert Messina4 years ago
In the case of Funcom it actually is a good thing if they have to close their offices. The fact that people will lose their jobs is a short term side effect that is, admittedly, unfortunate but in the long term it's for the greater good.
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