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Relic boss heads to Activision

Relic boss heads to Activision

Wed 23 Jan 2013 9:15am GMT / 4:15am EST / 1:15am PST

Alex Peters exits Warhammmer 40,000 dev as THQ auction continues

Activision Blizzard

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision Blizzard, Inc. is a worldwide pure-play online...


Alex Peters, formerly the studio head for Warhammer 40,000 developer Relic, has jumped ship and is now a vice president of production at Activision.

The news, confirmed by Peters' LinkedIn page is no surprise given that THQ is currently auctioning off its assets, including IP like Relic's Company Of Heroes 2.

His updated CV does not make clear which Activision brand he is currently working on.

Peters spent just over two years with Relic. Prior to that he was executive producer at Propaganda Games. He also spent nine years working for EA and DICE.


Alex O'Dwyer

162 155 1.0
I can't imagine a Company of Heroes game made by someone other than Relic.

Posted:A year ago


Richard Gardner

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I wonder how long ago this took place? The head of a studio must have a fairly lengthy notice period so this could have technically happened six to three months ago?

I really hope Relic can come out of this whole situation on top. I'm a massive fan of there games and really looking forward to anything they release.

Posted:A year ago


Tom Pickard
Lead Environment Artist - Campaign Map

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Well From other Reports Sega West is leading the bidding to buy them as a whole company and IP, Based off the expansion and investment Sega have put into Creative Assembly since they bought us. I'd say this Is a positive thing for Relic and their staff, sure It might not be perfect as any takeover needs to tweak things, but Sega have a "we want you to continue making games how you do" approach to management with CA, They haven't dropped senior staff or producers on us, or had wholesale changes. We've expanded massively to become probably the biggest games studio in the South East. Also my sentiments remain the same too, I want to see Relic producing more quality games too so I hope If Sega or anyone else buys them, they'll continue with the same teams.

Posted:A year ago

Yeah, I'd love for Relic, Vigil and Creative assembly to be in the same family. Imagine the love children that can be produced!!!

Posted:A year ago


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