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Microsoft lists Surface starting at $499

Microsoft lists Surface starting at $499

Tue 16 Oct 2012 5:00pm GMT / 1:00pm EDT / 10:00am PDT

Online store posts prices up to $699 for 64GB model with keyboard cover

With the Surface tablet expected to launch later this month, Microsoft is running short of time to announce its pricing plans. The company may have accidentally tipped its hand today, as VentureBeat is reporting that the official Microsoft Store website posted (and then pulled) prices for the Surface RT tablets in several variations.

The least expensive option clocked in at $499 for a 32GB Surface on its own, or $599 for the same unit with a black keyboard Touch Cover. For those who want a little more memory, a 64GB version of the Surface with a black Touch Cover was also offered for $699. Touch Covers in a variety of colors were listed on their own for $119, and the slightly thicker Type Cover alternative was priced at $129.

All three models of the tablet were advertised as preorders for delivery by October 26. That falls in line with a Microsoft SEC filing that said it would begin selling Surface tablets alongside the October 26 launch of Windows 8.

While the Surface RT dates and prices were tipped, there was no such listing for Surface tablets running Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft has said those tablets, which will run on Intel chips and have options for more memory, will arrive a few months after the Surface RT debut. As for pricing, they are expected to sell for as much as $1,000.

UPDATE: Microsoft has since put the official product page back online, with all the prices and options the same as previously reported.


Bruce Everiss
Marketing Consultant

1,692 594 0.4
The top model to replace my i5 laptop.

Posted:A year ago


Rick Lopez
Illustrator, Graphic Designer

1,269 942 0.7
Thats too much, would rather buy a laptop.

Posted:A year ago


Thomas Dolby
Project Manager / Lead Programmer

335 283 0.8
With those prices it'll be tough to compete with the iPad. I really wanted one, but I'm not sure I could justify it with that kind of cost.

Let's just hope this turns out to be nothing more than a mistake.

Posted:A year ago


Dan Howdle
Head of Content

280 810 2.9
Microsoft doesn't have any presence in this market right now. I hardly think it's going to establish itself as a competitor by coming in on day one with a price in excess of a similarly specced iPad with a far superior display.

Base model needs to be $299. Max.

Posted:A year ago


Kevin Danaher
Associate Producer

45 62 1.4
I have to agree (and not only because I want to buy one) Microsoft absolutely have to undercut Apple to establish any meaningful presence in the tablet market. Saying that the base model is cheaper than the iPad with equivalent flash memory is a load of balls. Flash memory costs peanuts nowadays. Losing the tablet market entirely because you didn't realistically compete costs a lot! The one way they can do that is on price.

If they follow the Apple business model (and they should, it works) they can still be making these with the same spec in a year and selling at the same price which will be less of a loss by then and hopefully have established a lot of tablet users in their ecosystem when they announce a new surface line for holiday 2013.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Kevin Danaher on 16th October 2012 5:47pm

Posted:A year ago


Steven Pick
Lead Graphic Designer

70 14 0.2
Screw Apple. I want one.

Posted:A year ago


Felix Leyendecker
Senior 3D Artist

182 202 1.1
I still have the original iPad and the screen resolution has been a major negative point since day one. If MS expects to compete with the current iPad with this kind of screen, they're in for a rude awakening.

Posted:A year ago


Andrew Goodchild
Studying development

1,251 407 0.3

Kindle Fire it is then, much as I love the idea of the surface.

Posted:A year ago


Art C. Jones
Writer / Blogger

60 91 1.5
The issue I see here is that it doesn't replace a laptop.
Windows RT is an iPad competitor.
Windows 8 is what you want to replace a laptop.

The bigger issue is the consumer confusion as they realize they've bought Windows RT, and it is only an iPad competitor when they thought they were getting an iPad/MacBook hybrid (which is what Windows 8 is, but not windows RT).

Posted:A year ago


Robin Clarke

305 692 2.3
The Surface Pro looks like a potentially fantastic bit of kit.

The Win RT version doesn't seem to be addressing any urgent consumer need that isn't covered by the iPad 3, Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7, all of which are considerably cheaper, better specced and/or more portable, and better supported.

Keeping lots of mutually incompatible, confusingly presented platforms on the market at the same time went badly for Sega, late-80s Apple and Nokia.

Posted:A year ago

That's *extremely* expensive for something that *just* runs Metro apps IMO. Going to be close to $800 here in Australia I fear, completely pricing it out of the market.

Posted:A year ago


Paul Jace

927 1,383 1.5
Like the Zune I think they are overpricing this new tablet. If they want to compete with Apple they need to be much more aggresive on their price points.

Posted:A year ago

Expensive ans mired with MS hidden problems!

Posted:A year ago


John Bye
Senior Game Designer

480 451 0.9
It looked like a great piece of kit when they announced it and I was a little tempted, but at that price I don't see how it would compete with iPad 3 at the high end or Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire at the low end of the market, especially if one of its main differentiating features (the ultra-slim keyboard cover, which is what sold me on the concept) costs an extra $100. The Surface Pro looks more interesting, I could see that competing with the MacBook Air, for example.

Posted:A year ago


Tamir Ibrahim

76 56 0.7
I too am very interested in the Surface Pro, with a real version of Windows 8 on it. But it really does come down to specs Vs price. If it's over priced then I just can't justify it, not matter how much I want one.

Posted:A year ago


Tom Keresztes

663 271 0.4
What i see a good quality tablet with a higher price point and no available software competing against a well established product that similar/higher spec, has a either has a better reputation or cheaper.

Posted:A year ago


Nick Parker

284 152 0.5
While some people will pay Apple prices for tablets and laptops, most people won't. Microsoft does not have the brand status of Apple except, maybe, in games with the Xbox, and then only in some English speaking markets. If Apple is the Rolls Royce of portable devices, the market needs more Fords to satisfy the majority of users and Microsoft will have to go some to earn that status, and not just on spec, on brand perception as well.

Posted:A year ago


Nicholas Pantazis
Senior Editor

1,020 1,467 1.4
At these prices for RT the Pro is likely to be outclassed by Ultrabooks of similar or cheaper pricing... guess I'm getting an Ultrabook.

Posted:A year ago


Andrew Ihegbu
Studying Bsc Commercial Music

451 162 0.4
MS still owes the high price partially to it's Windows OEMs. It can't release a product better and cheaper than theirs or it risk biting the hand that feeds it.

The thing is the Metro platform will be insanely popular as soon as Win8 comes out because writing programs for it and not win32 is going to be the inly

Posted:A year ago


Andrew Ihegbu
Studying Bsc Commercial Music

451 162 0.4
MS still owes the high price partially to it's Windows OEMs. It can't release a product better and cheaper than theirs or it risk biting the hand that feeds it.

The thing is the Metro platform will be insanely popular as soon as Win8 comes out because writing programs for it and not win32 is going to be the only way to future proof your programs. MS have already implied many times that Win32 is on it's way out and if WinRT runs on the Surface with all the latest Windows programs it may well have more functionality than the iPad very soon.

Posted:A year ago


Fyzard Brown
Sales Associate

39 6 0.2
I need one. Probably will by my Christmas gift to myself. When that happens, my Playbook will be laid to rest.

Posted:A year ago


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