UK indie nDreams named in Smarta 100 list

Aurora publisher one of the 100 smartest UK companies, voting now open to declare the winner

Independent digital games publisher nDreams has been named one of the UK's 100 smartest small businesses.

nDreams has a growing portfolio of digital properties, including products for PlayStation Home, the Xbox Marketplace, Facebook, and a number of ARGs.

It also operates its own freemium virtual universe, Aurora, which is available through PlayStation Home. Aurora has received 2 million visitors since it was launched in March this year.

"We're delighted to be included in the Smarta 100. Taken alongside our recent inclusion in the Tech Media Invest 100, it demonstrates why we're so excited about nDreams and the direction the company is heading," said CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh.

"We have almost completed a transition from work-for-hire development to publishing which is going better than we could have possibly expected, and the next 12 months promise to be the most exciting so far."

The Smarta 100 list is compiled by and O2 to find the best small businesses in the UK.

The voting is now open to find the Smarta 100 Business of the Year. The winner will be named on September 21, and will receive a prize of 10,000.

To read a full interview with nDreams' Patrick O'Luanaigh, click here.

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