2 million 360 users log onto Facebook in first week

MS declares new social media features a success

Microsoft has said that over two million Xbox Live users logged into Facebook from their consoles within the first week of the social networking site being integrated with the system.

Facebook, Twitter and integration went live last week and, according to Microsoft data, have already been accessed by millions of users.

Over half a million accounts were created in the initial 24 hours of availability and users streamed 120 million minutes of music in the first week, MS spokesperson David Dennis told CNET. The two million that accessed Facebook account for 10 per cent of the total number of Xbox Live users.

The numbers of Twitter users weren't released, but Dennis noted there have been "tweets from nearly every market where we have Xbox Live."

Microsoft's Neil Thompson told last week that he believed people would respond well to having the choice to access social sites not just from their PCs but also from their consoles and in their living rooms.

"It's just about giving people choice and giving them a slightly different experience. The Facebook and Twitter applications are bespoke to the service, they do have Xbox Live unique features, such as being able to see which Xbox Live friends are online, et cetera. And over time I'm sure that will evolve as well."

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