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Universally Speaking is one of the leading providers of specialist services to the global games sector.

Our enviable client list includes the Industry's largest publishers and we have locallised thousands of games across all platforms and genres. Our experience is second to none.

From our secure premises, we provide the full suite of localisation and quality assurance services with a focus on delivering the very highest results, to deadline, and priced competitively.

Our specialised internal team, combined with our extensive global network of game linguists, allow for a smooth transition of your product through the localisation and quality assurance process.

Our core services include:

- translations
- proof reading/editing/glossary production
- audio services including voices overs
- localisation QA across all platforms
- compliance QA across all platforms
- functionality QA across all platforms
- Manuals and packaging DTP

We specialise in the following languages: English (US,UK),
French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Other languages upon request.

Our QA dept. is equipped with hardware for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, mobile and PC Platforms.

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Office details

  • Moulton Business Centre, Moulton Park
  • Northampton

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Office details

  • Knowledge Centre
    Wyboston Lakes
    Great North Road
  • Wyboston
  • Beds
  • MK 44
  • United Kingdom

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Universally Speaking Tokyo

  • Japan

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