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Illyriad Games Ltd was founded in 2009 to launch Illyriad, our first and only game.

Our Philosophy is as follows:

We're gamers, not game-industry insiders, and we're writing a game that we'd like to play ourselves.

2D MMORPG Strategy games should be truly persistent - the world should carry on changing when you log out.

Servers shouldn't reset after an arbitrary endgame, destroying all the players' emotional investment in the gameworld. Why can't browser games grow, evolve and change with updates and expansion packs so that the 'endgame' doesn't arrive - except when *you* want it to?

There's no reason why 2D browser games can't have depth of gameplay, hand-crafted (rather than random) world maps, and lovingly-crafted NPC environments. Why can't these worlds live, breathe and be truly immersive?

In a strategy-focused empire-building game we can meddle with catalysts, but there's no ingame content that's as compelling to players as player-created content. Our job is to enable that to happen seamlessly.

Long-term games should work on as many browsers and platforms as possible; you should be able to play this on your home computer, your iPad, your Android or iPhone when you're out-and-about.

Games that allow "Pay-To-Win" are short-term and self-defeating for everyone involved.

Browser games can be sandbox games, and you don't have to insult players' intelligence. Things should be as simple and intuitive to do as possible, but should have levels of depth as deep as the player wishes them to be.

Players often know better than the design and dev team when something should be changed, and player suggestions should be listened to and acted upon - if the idea is sound.

You can read more about Illyriad on wikipedia or better yet, play the game.

There's also information on our development methodology here at develop-online and a selection of our press reviews ("...fantastic browser-based city-builder... a ton of depth... play at your own pace... perfect gameplay... plenty to do... it looks great... absolutely wonderful Lore... a delight to play... awesome community... the map is incredible... reminds me of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones - those great big epic stories.") here.

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