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Jobs lost at ad firm IGA Worldwide

In-game ad company for Activision and Codemasters makes cuts from 22 man team

In-game ads pivotal in changing perception of games business

Few people recognise ads convinced global brands that games aren't just for kids, says Bartlett

IGA co-founder Ed Bartlett

As its biggest advocate moves on, what next for the in-game advertising business?

Ed Bartlett leaves IGA Worldwide

Co-founder of in-game ads firm leaves to pursue new interests

IGA enters advertising deal with Porterscope

Porterscope clients to be offered in-game billboards to compliment real life services

IGA seeks funding or a buyer

In-game advertising company seeks to close third round of financing, while exploring sale options

IGA hits 30 million users

In-game advertising company also releases development kit for clients

Reebok becomes Football Superstars partner

Free-to-download MMO to be platform for launching the sportswear manufacturer's Ambassador Programme

IGA to deliver PS3 ads for Activision

In-game ads deal kicks of with 22 million selling Guitar Hero franchise

Bartlett: Advertising is misunderstood by most developers

"In-game advertising will actually promote creativity in games, not reduce it", says IGA Worldwide co-founder

IGA Worldwide's Ed Bartlett

The company's co-founder talks about the recent deal with Sony, future plans and the role of in-game advertising

82% react positively to contextual in-game ads

Research study conducted by Nielsen on behalf of IGA finds a measured lift in brand awareness and opinion

IGA Worldwide to adopt TV-style ad business plan

The new deal with Sony will allow the in-game advertiser to sell space across a range of games at once

IGA secures PS3 ads deal with Electronic Arts

PlayStation 3 ads to appear in EA Sports franchises and racing titles Burnout and Need for Speed

Sony and IGA to partner for in-game PS3 ads

IGA Worldwide is rumoured to be the first firm to get an agreement from Sony

Football Manager to get in-game ads

SEGA, Sports Interactive and IGA sign deal for forthcoming titles


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