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GameTap to close Atlanta office and change catalogue focus

Digital download service moving toward newer games, European offices

GameTap merger with Metaboli adds "credibility" to digital distribution

Scott McDaniel, Exent CMO, says the merger further legitimises digital distribution as alternative to retail

Metaboli to acquire GameTap

Deal between Turner and Metaboli will create a "global gaming brand"

Gamecock titles to be available via GameTap

Games will be sold on the online store from launch, with subscription and ad-supported play to be offered later

GameTap shuts down editorial department

Turner Broadcasting System's subscription service is laying off the editorial staff hired less than a year ago

GameTap to close down Myst Online

GameTap has announced that it is to close down the Cyan Worlds-developed Myst Online: Uru Live because it's no longer financially viable.

Gametap reaches milestone

GameTap, the PC digital distribution platform, has announced that it will soon be adding the 1,000th game to the service

GameTap offers 500 titles to Mac users

GameTap has opened up its online gaming service to Mac users, offering 500 titles from its library of videogames.

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