EA Tiburon

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EA Tiburon's Jon Sullivan killed

26-year-old Madden developer shot to death in parking lot dispute

Sports Games: Tackling a Catch-22

We talk with several sports franchise devs about walking the tightrope between innovation and appeasing a core fan base every year

NBA Live 13 was planned as XBLA title

Larry Hryb reveals that EA's NBA game was meant to be downloadable on Xbox Live

Tiburon vets launch PixelFoundry Games

Volga Askoy and Jerry Phaneuf developing debut title BlackSpace for PC

NBA Jam creator leaves EA Sports for Zynga

Mark Turmell departs EA Tiburon for social giant after just 18 months

Veteran Madden producer leaves EA Sports

Phil Frazier walks after 14 years, with suggestions he may join Row Sham Bow

EA and 2K extend NBA licensing deal

Use of likenesses, names and arenas included in "multiyear" contract

EA Tiburon vet forms new studio

Row Sham Bow benefits from $684,000 in local and state funding


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